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  1. the ob

    ecig industry and this one on a "collision course"?

    I have been involved in both this community and the ecig one for some time. I have watched the technology from this industry and also the one from the ecig industry closely. First, I have to say that I think that a lot of the technology from the ecig community is not only responsible for what...
  2. the ob

    MZ/PD vs Epicvape vs Toasty Top

    I am curious if anyone has used all of these or at least two of these and can compare the differences. I am truly not trying to start a "holy war" between the different camps. These can all fall under the log camp category and I would just be curious about the differences.
  3. the ob

    TV Shows - General Discussion

    I was wondering what TV shows everyone is into right now. I have a million shows that I watch but right now I am in the middle of a breaking bad marathon. that show is intense... love modern family thats just a couple for now.
  4. the ob

    favorite single song?

    what would you say is your favorite single song ever? this is a really hard call.... vote #1 hallelujah by jeff buckley http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8AWFf7EAc4 I know it is not the original, but I love this version. this song has been done a number of times and it is almost always good...
  5. the ob

    perfect stash box

    I am looking for a box that will hold my zap, plug, grinder, stems, and stash. I want to be able to put everything in the box and leave it on the side table near my couch. I would prefer wood with no sun or moon or herb leaf on it. I want it to be made out of some really cool wood. any...
  6. the ob

    how to search properly

    this is going to sound like a newby question but here goes: when I try to search for something using the search method it brings up several threads. It does not however highlight the page/person who discusses the topic I am searching for. maybe this could be a thread where someone will teach...
  7. the ob

    expelling ABV..... log vape style.

    how do you guys deal with expelling your ABV? what I mean is that I want to try to save it and blowing it into a jar does not work because the force of the air blows it all out. I have tried to find a suitable way to do it and have not found it yet. using a pick of some kind works but I am...
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