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  1. subway13029

    Flower vape

    Have been through some rough times and had sell most of Vapes to survive..I am med patient and need to get back to flower from mainly concentrates and tried to combust and can't.. so I have stuff to trade like few mods, some rda like the trvp,drop solo, and some glass or even some cash but...
  2. subway13029

    Newvape flowerpot showerhead

    Ive got the 20 mm flowerpot showerhead with a 20mm coil that is pin set to dnail. And i have the adjuatable titanium bowl and tje glass bowl for the showerhead. Also have the carb cap and dabber for the showerhead. Just dont use flower much anymore and this beast juat sits there..i also have an...
  3. subway13029

    Triton oil system

    just looking to pass this on..not a bad little oil device. Has titanium bucket, quartz bucket and then a few coils. This was given to me by another member but we are having to move due to landlord selling the house so its so last minute and i figured if i could get a couple bucks or.trade...
  4. subway13029


    Got this splinter that rips but im just not much into herb unless its from a mighty..convection is just too hot..anyways i have 1 short.stem and a few basket screens i think..this is an early one i think but it works super good..make an offer..
  5. subway13029

    Sequoia taf w buckets

    i habe this sequoia.with top af and the rwgular cap that came with bottom af..also have two buckets.and then a ceramic donut atty so 3 attys total as pictured. Ive used few times but am being forced to move way early and trying to get funds.lets make an offer.
  6. subway13029

    Rosin press

    Would like one and possibly have items to trade if intereated or can buy but love.to barter and keep everything moving..
  7. subway13029

    Dynavap goodies

    Have.this assortment of vapcaps and supplies i traded another member for. I really wanna love vapcaps but the punch to my face iant there..ok everything in pic is available..let make a deal or something..there is a dynavap m..a skeletor pipes induction heater.that runs on mains or batteries that...
  8. subway13029

    Liger 30mm quartz

    Looking for a quartz insert..i know.i cant afford a sapphire and not aure bout sic..i had a sic but i lost it..i took it out to clean and i think it got thrown away but anyways i have the liger and no insert.lol..lmk what you have.
  9. subway13029

    dna box mod

    looking for a good dna box mod for some good tc..i have some things you might be interested in or possible cash..lets make a deal..
  10. subway13029

    dynavap to get started

    i am trying to start over from not alot..i think im gonna try the dynavap and ih to be my new way to medicate..most portsble dont do it for me anymore..lmk what ya got snd what ya want.
  11. subway13029

    looking for evo to replace stolen vapes

    as most of you all know i was burglarized for a 2nd time..the fjrst time was almost 2 years ago and decimated my collection including an evo and just an insancw collection and most recently was my liger and my flowerpot..any ways our good friend @abracadaver hooked me up with a fury2 and a...
  12. subway13029

    Is this what the world has come to??

    About 2 years ago i had most of.my vaporizers stolen by i believe was my sister who has a serious drug problem and i took it as a big loss. but not really as alot of members helped me out. i have to keep all of my stuff locked up in my shed because i didnt want my step kids to know anything and...
  13. subway13029

    lotus w/wpa and aluminum stem

    got thus lotus that has pictured stem and the wpa that is amazeballs!! can include a torch..lets make a deal..
  14. subway13029


    i have this mighty that is my warranty replacement for my baby that i dearly loved. this one still had the plastic on the screen and has the boost feature and the 20 percent more battery life. i have like 4cooling units and plenty of wall chargers and i have the v3 delta wpa. lets make a deal on...
  15. subway13029

    pipes portside induction heater 100

    i have a practically brand new portside mini induction heater for the vapcap. its literally only been charged once. worked great but i gifted my vapcap and dont have the urge to get another..i need bigger loads of flower to be satisfied..wanna get 100 plus shipping..ive just gotten burned on...
  16. subway13029

    splinter or splinter z

    ive got an ass ton of stems and mp to use with this little beast but i dont have a little beast..lol..anyone have a splinter or a z..lets talk.
  17. subway13029

    For thw love of all things holy

    I just wanna download artic fox ao i can get thw most out of my sequoia as it not great in wattage mode and i plan on getting a splinter z so i wanna get on some tc action..please help a ignorant malcontent achieve greatness..
  18. subway13029

    Haze square pro..150

    I have my phase 3 haze square pro that ive used once..i have a financial crisis.. Ihave every singe extra that fomes with this baby.and sometime 2 of them..i have 2 usbc chargers and i got the adventurer extra pafk that has all of the coils and extra mp. The extra load tray and 10 bowls to load...
  19. subway13029

    Sequoia with pico 75 setup

    i just got a sequoia from the classifieds and I’ve had a pico 75 so I ordered the heat sink to make it all fit and it looks so smooth and then the field trip ends there....not that bad but I have no working knowledge of mods beyond the basics of wattage mode. I was told that I am compatible with...
  20. subway13029

    Fury w glass mp and wpa 75.00

    I have the fury1 which is basically same as 2 besides the silicon but performace wise is same..i also habe the bent glass mp and the xl wpa. Im gonna post pic but it hasnt been working so i can text or email a better pic. https://imgur.com/OWMH3SX 75.00
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