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  1. Ramahs

    It's so weird commenting here now, after everyone left.

    Every day I check for new updates here, before checking NFC, and every day there are a few updates from threads that I follow. It's just a little odd how every day it's a little less and a little less, and it feels like a ghost town now. Oh well. It is what it is. I hope this site remains as a...
  2. Ramahs

    2018 Dynavap M

    I have a 2017, 1019, and 2020 M. I would like to plug the hole in my collection with a 2018 M.
  3. Ramahs

    How To Post Images Using imgbb.com

    That's a beautiful Nomad. As far as image uploading is concerned, others may do it differently, but here's what I do... 1) Go to imgbb.com and select the image file to upload: 2) Click the upload button: 3)Click the thumbnail of the uploaded image: 4) The last click opened a new tab with...
  4. Ramahs

    Delta 3D Studios Scoop -N-Tamp vs NewVape Pax Loading Tool

    As the title says, which do you prefer and why? Links: Delta 3D Studios Scoop-N-Tamp Vape Tool vs NewVape Pax Loading Tool
  5. Ramahs

    Gear Shoutout to Errly Bird's Torch Art Lifetime Warranty

    I purchased this torch as my first dab torch from someone over on reddit's r/entexchange subreddit off someone for $25: (This is just the picture the seller used, which included other things that they were selling as well) Anyway, about 2-3 weeks after receiving it and some light use, it...
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