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  1. Denver912

    Asthma(other lung defunks) and dabbing

    Anyone with any thoughts please comment. Noticed over the past two weeks I'vehad an increase in coughing fits after sessions then after each dab. Yep it's winter and sick season. And my lungs are being picky. Having asthma since birth I'm used to it and the stopping of smoking during being...
  2. Denver912

    Anyone else notice their perception of a strain may change if concentrated?

    Just curious about this. Certain and I do mean certain strains I dislike in flower form but really like in wax form. Not meaning the common sense factor of dude it's fucking hash. As there are other strains which I dislike both flowers and wax blueberry, northern lights comes to mind though...
  3. Denver912

    Black Friday Sale Stuff- weed related

    Well titles says all. What ya gettin and where from? Weed related stuff. I myself at this point am for sure grabbing a 30.00 quarter of pink lady cut plushberry from mmj america off elati. Mmm I like it. Also been net browsing on smoke shops/local sales for something though haven't decided.
  4. Denver912

    Mystery oil related info

    Mystery Oil 11 hours ago Lab Update: Specialty Analytical has completed the "open blast" method of MO collection from Vector and Newport. They ran 12 cans of each brand and the results in mg/can are posted below. The reason for this test is the discrepancy between our findings (high ppm/can) and...
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