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  1. Denver912

    Mask it?

    Is this foreal? So exhale into a balloon or something?
  2. Denver912

    Please help me make dab with abv!

    I'd follow stuff on skunk pharm site bro. Do their ISO tek and u should be golden.
  3. Denver912

    Bump this thread if you're VAPED now!

    Purple train wreck flowers with huxleys mango haze bud wax in the middle taste so good.
  4. Denver912

    Yup Los Angeles just got crazier.

    Black talons won't pierce a vest. That's the legend part. It's just a really exspansive round.
  5. Denver912

    How to remove the smell from weed?

    Go for a walk to smoke that dank. I'd open it outside if there is a reason to not smell like the funk. I broke up a joint and without even lighting it and people coming in and out we got kicked out the hotel back home. The chick was sure we had smoked.
  6. Denver912

    Why are bongs and bubblers always round ?

    There is a large bong at smoke signals here in denver that has like an antique style brandy liquor multi-sided bottom. So pimp.
  7. Denver912

    Yup Los Angeles just got crazier.

    You are thinking black talons rounds. Urban legend basically. Not armor piercing. DR rounds like in war are super heavy rounds likely going through a basic or mid range vest. A 5.7 mm pistol will go though or novelty shotgun rounds.
  8. Denver912


    I've seen some shit and done some shit while working food jobs pizza places being the best. I worked in this shitty white trash mountain town doin the pizza thing and delt with racist dumb fucks. We had fun with it. Sometimes a nut sack print pizza other times dusted busted shit. Also I...
  9. Denver912

    Well out of the good stuff.

    Focus on the greener things in life :) I wish it were mandatory.
  10. Denver912

    Bump this thread if you're VAPED now!

    Dabs of oil then switched to guido kush. I'm liking this strain. It wasn't a very strong smelling strain and I've over looked it in the past as a result. After a bowl I kinda feel like I owe an apology to this weed. Very chill and turned my leg pain off. Sorta smells like the strain flo...
  11. Denver912

    Asthma(other lung defunks) and dabbing

    Will do. I tried that a week or so ago after browsing the hot water thread. Dunno why I didn't try that yet.
  12. Denver912

    Asthma(other lung defunks) and dabbing

    Anyone with any thoughts please comment. Noticed over the past two weeks I'vehad an increase in coughing fits after sessions then after each dab. Yep it's winter and sick season. And my lungs are being picky. Having asthma since birth I'm used to it and the stopping of smoking during being...
  13. Denver912

    Bump this thread if you're VAPED now!

    Organa labs unrefined co2 oil on the short cup quartz nail ftw... Almost a soothing smoke for my aching lungs being in this cold weather. Not sick but if I was id prolly not care. So high.
  14. Denver912

    Private Conversation Privacy

    I'm fuckin db cooper yo shhhhh :)
  15. Denver912

    Combustion plus vapor?

    Summer fuckin waves! But yeah I've been there on school trips when I could go. Deep South woods are the shit. I miss the ocean and seafood. Fuckin Fukushima. I'm from north of there. Never going back unless visiting cause I love this air and no bugs. It's so muggy and ball sweating humidity...
  16. Denver912

    Combustion plus vapor?

    St Catherine's Island by chance?
  17. Denver912

    Combustion plus vapor?

    I think it's straight combustion but I see and would agree that that hot ass air could be partially vaping the weed before the joint gets smaller and combusts it.
  18. Denver912

    Is 'Curb your Enthusiasm' a funny to to watch while high?

    Always sunny in philly, workaholics, tosh.o, archer, king of queens, the wire, Dave Chappell show, aqua team, weeds, no supervision.
  19. Denver912

    Best Portable for Concentrate + Flower?

    take a lighter and run it over the hash resin stuck to your hand then wipe it off. Bong resin is a bitch and black but comes right off with the lighter shit.
  20. Denver912

    Denver Post hires MJ editor

    Love reading westwords.
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