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    Brand new Ghost MV1 Stealth Bundle- Price drop.

    WARRANTY: I have contacted Ghost directly and they have agreed that due to the pristine and virtually unused condition of my MV1 and bundle, they will make an exception with me and allow the buyer to register the unit fully in their own name with the option of extending the Warranty to the full...
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    Vapefiend discount code?

    Hey folks. I just put something in my cart at Vapefiend, totalling £70. I entered the "Hi5" discount code. I used it recently and it worked for £10 off. But no joy today. Anyone know if there is some other offer there atm? Could be a site glitch maybe. Thanks for any insight have nice days all...
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    UKers, Is this for real or what??

    Sorry turned out to be unecessary, mods please delete thanks.
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    Jahvaporizer discount code?

    Hey community, happy Easter weekend. I tried searching and wasn't sure where to ask this- does anybody know if there is an F C discount code for Jahvaporizer? I could have sworn that there used to be one for Lacentralevapeur? Big thanks for any info and wishing you all a thoroughly enjoyable...
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    Glass Symphony XLR 220V with Auber rdk-200

    SOLD. I have a brand new Glass Symphony XLR (220V) for sale with brand new Auber rdk-200 controller. I only used it for 24 hours as a trial on my quest to try as many of the top desktops as possible to find the one that best suits my needs. Unfortunately, the Symphony is another true heavy...
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    Aromed 4.0

    ITEM NOW SOLD THANK YOU. Hi, I have an Aromed 4.0 vaporizer for sale. It is absolutely perfect condition and has only had a little use. I bought it from Verdampftnochmal in April 2015. However I was only able to use it very briefly as I suffer from muscular weakness and am exceptionally prone...
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    Vapcapping in the wind!

    Hi all. Im just curious how you fellow vapcappers (whichever model) cope with heating the vapcap outdoors with a breeze. I have been using my Omnivap outdoors more this year but I find it practically impossible to use the torch in open air. I have the Dynavap quad torch (which I really like) and...
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    How to keep buds submerged for water curing?

    Hello. I am going to try water curing a load of last summer's weed. I have serious allergy issue and Im allergic to all chemical fertilisers, and virtually all organic ones I have ever tried. I trialed some organic ferts last year, but am very allergic to them. So I cant use the weed. I did get...
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    Medical Usage Questions Re: Herborizer, Verdamper, Vriptech

    Hello all. I'm brand new here. I'm not sure where is the most appropriate place for me to post this. I have vaporized since 1999 (exclusively since 2008). I have experience and insight to offer, and I would like the same in return. My queries relate to several different vaporizers- comparisons...
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