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    Best thread ever.

    It seems that thread titles with the word BEST in them tend to bring out everyone's opinions, and nothing to back them up. Best is a subjective term and therefore is something that not everyone can agree upon. Posts in best threads often have little to do with the actual concerns of the...
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    Watered Down?

    Are stricter policies going to be enacted against those who ask questions easily answered by a search? I think this needless repeated questions, often by those who have admitted unwillingness to read, makes the threads even longer, and it waters down the density of useful information. I'm not...
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    Reality Check :(

    These poor families. This is the world we live in.
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    Colorado Drivers This is along the lines I've spoken previously. We will see what they decide on, or if they choose to treat it as a non-issue.
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    Damage Thread

    I thought it would be entertaining for vaporists to have a thread to share macro images of damaged vapes and broken glass. Bonus points awarded for artistic characteristics. I'll contribute, but don't have much to contribute, since mine are mostly the child friendly type that stay intact...
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    Pushing Up Daisies LOL.
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    A Possible Benefit to Vaping I say possible, because no causal link has been established yet, though it is possible for acetaldehyde to act as a DNA adduct.
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    How do you define health?

    I'm curious, it seems as if the different members of this forum have disagreements over what is healthy for them. I believe this comes down to differing definitions of "health" and "healthy". I think a discussion about this will lead to increased thought on the topic. I define health as...
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    California Voters - The Next Prop 19

    I spoke a bit with Mr. Jolson after the failure of the previous proposition, and I believe he has a good head on his shoulders. After reviewing the current propositions that may get the 19 title, I still think his is the best. Here ya go...
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    Strain ID (more than 2 pistils per Calyx)

    I'm trying to ID a strain which has extremely large calyxes and more than 2 red pistils per calyx, usually between 10 and 12, anybody have any ideas? Modnote: Unfortunately this is next to impossible.
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    when you see it...

    you'll shit bricks!
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    Why Ceramic or Glass Heat Exchangers?

    I was doing some research after reading a claim by the manufacturer of the Supreme Vaporizer. He said "It's also an excellent heat conductor (un-like ceramic or glass)." My search turned up this. "In contrast to Metals Ceramics have low thermal conductivity due to Ionic-Covalent Bonding which...
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    Anyone Recall the Toyota Scare?

    And the incident that started it all was in my neck of the woods on a road i drive on nearly every day. Can you find the contradiction in...
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    What will YOU do when China's money is worth more than yours?
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    The Transportation Solution

    More and more people who I know directly or through friends are being arrested for possession of small amounts of cannabis when they travel to different states. I've shared my advice with them but they did not heed my warning. The only way to go undetected is to make edibles, plain and simple...
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    Talk about a scary place to live and the quickest way out is through a cult. this is some scary shit!
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    A Very Interesting Topic to Consider (Jury Nullification) For the full details relating to the case where the supreme court ruled that jurors not need be informed that they are putting the law on trial. It's a long read, but persevere, the opinions of Supreme Court...
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    i made an order last week from avalon magic plants, and made a payment via paypal. i immediately asked about their shipping schedule, and when i could expect the product. i got a reply today, that says i'll get updated once i've made the payment, but i made the payment last week. what should...
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    A Great Reason to Limit who you do Buisiness With People like and Chase use epsilon to store the personal information of their clients. this is what happens to outsourced information, the...
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    Cannabis and Driving does the data presented reflect reality? why? and why not?
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