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  1. Stu

    Who Wants To Win A Dab Rig Setup?

    Auber & @710Coils have both generously donated the following prizes for this FC contest: Auber RDK300B Controller 20mm barrel coil 30mm clear ball cap from Quartz Pi 30mm clear deep dish banger from 710 coils 14mm/90 30mm deep dish axial coil from 710 coils Black Clip kit from 710 coils MSRP...
  2. Stu

    NFC FC and NewFC Merge FAQ

    Hello and welcome to the first decennial FC merge frequently asked questions thread! Q: What are FC and NewFC? A: FC is short for NewFC is short for Q: Why was New FC created? A: As has been discussed elsewhere on the site, there were...
  3. Stu

    Important Announcement

    As many members know, vtac, the founder and sole administrator of FC, has been absent for many months—since April 14, 2018 to be exact. Unfortunately, he did not leave anyone with enough power to perform several important administrative tasks. This situation has slowly deteriorated to the point...
  4. Stu

    FC Stickers - Help!

    I was thinking about ordering some FC stickers today while looking at my beer fridge whilst high. I have so many vape-related stickers on it and I thought it could do with a cool FC sticker as well. At first I was just gonna put this on it: But I thought that maybe something a little more...
  5. Stu

    Retailers posting in vape threads

    We realize that retailers can have a unique insight into the vaporizers that they sell since they deal with them on a day to day basis. This knowledge base can be beneficial to FC's membership if shared openly. With that in mind we have decided to now allow retailers to participate in vaporizer...
  6. Stu

    Evo On A Stick

    I posted this on Instagram earlier today but figured it deserves its own thread here as well. @Buildozer came by last night for a vape sesh and general fuckery that goes along with it. He brought a 18mm male-male adapter that he'd managed to wedge into a 20mm coil and wanted to play around...
  7. Stu

    VapeXhale Evo Kit Contest To Benefit Underdog's Recovery Post Fire

    As many of you I'm sure are aware, @underdog and @underdogette had their shop and possessions destroyed in last week's fire that left the city of Paradise an ashen wasteland. It is with that in mind that I would like to have a contest to give away some sweet vape gear in an effort to help...
  8. Stu

    Loto Lux Giveaway Contest

    @Krazy has generously offered up his brand new Loto Labs Lux to be given away to one lucky FC member, so we are going to have a contest to determine the Lux’s new home. The contest is simple: Guess the weight (to the hundredth of a gram) of this piece of jade and silver jewelry (vapcap for...
  9. Stu

    FC Posts Taken Out Of Context Thread

  10. Stu

    The Eclipse Thread

    Tomorrow is the big day here in the US for a total eclipse of the sun. I'm sure some FCers have made the journey to or near the path of totality, so it would be great if you could share the pics here for us all to admire. Bonus points for getting a vaporizer in the picture. :cool: Cool non-FC...
  11. Stu

    Interesting Free Websites

    What (free) websites do you visit that you find interesting as hell that most people probably don't know about? Here are a couple of my favorites: Tons of streaming radio stations from all over the world. What is the wind doing now? Click to...
  12. Stu

    FC's Newest Staff Member Is...

    @Quetzalcoatl has decided that he likes to be abused, so please welcome him as our latest staff member! Let the hazing begin... :peace:
  13. Stu

    Ed's TNT Solo Dugout

    Ok, so this is a one of a kind item that I had Ed make for me a few years ago. Since it has never been used, (and probably never will be as I don't really use the Solo much anymore), I'm asking $70 + postage (my original cost). I'm not sure what kind of wood it is, but I'm sure Ed can tell you...
  14. Stu

    Mesquite Burl HI

    I purchased this HI as a backup to my original HI. I no longer need a backup as I received a different, but similar unit, so I really don't feel the need for a backup anymore. I'd rather see someone else put this beauty to good daily use. This unit comes with no power supply or VVPS, nor does...
  15. Stu

    Crafty Warmup Time Comparison Thread

    There has been some interesting discussion in the Crafty thread about comparing heat up times between units. 180° C has been the most common temperature used by members to perform this test, and the number of hours on the odometer allows users to get an idea of how the heat up times decline...
  16. Stu

    Happy Birthday Willie Nelson!

    82 years young today. May he live another 82!:rockon: Willie is my hero and I raise a toast to his greatness on this fine day of days. :cheers: As Neil Young so eloquently stated.... Long may you run. :peace:
  17. Stu

    Ital Chalice Vaporizer Made in Jamaica. For $45 I couldn't resist. Full video review upon arrival. :nod: :peace:
  18. Stu

    Holiday Music That Doesn't Suck

    I hate the same old songs that I'm forced to endure over and over this time of year.:disgust: What non-sucky holiday music can share with us? I'll start. Merry Christmas Baby by Melvin Taylor :peace:
  19. Stu

    Discontinued The Okin by D.M. Pipes

    I saw this today. It uses charcoal as a heat source. It's an interesting concept kinda like a portable hookah. The creator is a pipe maker with some interesting works. More pics: :peace:
  20. Stu

    Dollar Store. What can you get?

    The first time I went into the local Dollar Store, I was blown away by all the odd items that can be procured by a mere dollar. Being a vapor enthusiast, I always ask myself the question "can this help me vaporize?" when walking through a store. I'm sure that's normal, right? So anyways, my...
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