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  1. Endless Interim

    What's in your vape right now?

    NICE!!! I gotta slow down man.Your picture looks like what I buy every other week:lol: to every two weeks.I don't know man...there's just something about going to the weed store even when I really don't need anything.I always walk out with've been trying to type this out but...
  2. Endless Interim

    What's in your vape right now?

    Update for Chernobyl sugar resin.VERY nice mellow high that comes on slow and tops out at about an hour and a half then has you daydreaming type thoughts.Taste is an A fucking plus man.The taste is LIMES....extremely lime taste and smell.Not a cheap fucked up candy type taste but a small tad of...
  3. Endless Interim

    Any suggestions about electric nectar collector?

    Just ordered a Terp Pen.I had to hit up a company rep on Reddit as my order was about two weeks ago and payment went through.He got on it and sent out today.This anti mail vape shit needs to stop lol.But will buy others too. Oh I like the looks of this one.Saved it to my bookmarks to check out...
  4. Endless Interim

    Welcome to Fuck Combustion...Tell us about yourself here!

    Welcome! 3dayphunk.Tons of good info and folks up in here.
  5. Endless Interim

    Cannabis and the treatment of depression in PTSD

    Hell yeah.I love my gummies.20 to 40mg depending on strain and brand does me good.Or one to two Dynavap bowls.Just enough to be a little elevated.Just that little bit makes a huge difference between a shit day and a good one.People are so much more tolerable when slightly medicated and keeping...
  6. Endless Interim

    What's in your vape right now?

    Chernobyl by Globe Cannabis Company.Also bought it as a cured resin sugar.Has a lime and sour smell to it.Sativa.Will hit that tomorrow and report back.Was time to stock up on supplies and I like to buy something different each time for the most part.Will try to get a pic of the bud up later.
  7. Endless Interim

    Do you like coffee?

    Cold steeped coffee.Drink 160oz a day for last four years.Use a Coffee Panda.Entire apt. has packages of coffee everywhere stashed.LoL.
  8. Endless Interim

    Is vaporizer efficiency oversold?

    Same here.I sleep great.I have insomnia and vaping makes that sleep possible and I wake up the next day ready to do whatever I need to do refreshed and not burned out.Also like not having the smell of yesterday's funk on me too.I hit my Dynavap with 5 full bowls then hours later smoked 2 more...
  9. Endless Interim

    What do you think a perfect dry herb vaporizer should be?

    Yes,the Dynavap.Hits like a joint for me.I have an Honest brand torch single flame so nothing fancy.Heats up in 6-10 seconds and even from the first hit I get huge thick clouds that make me choke like a huge hit off a joint.I get 4 to 5 thick hits and then a couple to few wispy hits.Plus I like...
  10. Endless Interim

    The Extreme-Q Vaporizer

    I have not used the whip or the bags yet and I have no Ddave mods.....yet.I have been hitting my Dynavap big time and using concentrates like crazy since I get a huge discount on 'em from work.Plus I have been working 16hr shifts non stop so I have been too lazy to break out the EQ lol.On my EQ...
  11. Endless Interim

    What's in your vape right now?

    Nug run cured resin.....Strain is Grape Inferno.Smells very nice.Very sweet and tastes great.Really good head high.Gonna try Forum Cookies...another Indica.
  12. Endless Interim

    Bump this thread if you're VAPED now!

    Last two days Cherry Pie strain.Broke my EQ in with.But I gotta say I like my Dynavap more and more cause it is just so perfect for finding out the best amount for that perfect high without overdoing it. Woke up today and a coworker brought some over called Ex Trophy Wife.Wow....a very relaxed...
  13. Endless Interim

    The Extreme-Q Vaporizer

    Please excuse the misspelled words....fucking spell check lol. This strain was really good for pain.Slept great too.It kicks in hard when it does.The EQ cooled down in about 25-30 minutes and you could barely tell it was on.Today I'll test it with the fan and such.The draw on it was not...
  14. Endless Interim

    The Extreme-Q Vaporizer

    Yes indeed.So here we go.Pictures will be uploaded later today.I got the EQ and when I retrieved it from the locker the mailman left it in I thought wow.....this is light!! Opened it up and was blown away at how small it is.Looks bigger in pictures.I heated it up to 458 F and did a burn off for...
  15. Endless Interim

    The Extreme-Q Vaporizer

    EQ got here yesterday.......and today some Cherry Pie strain to break in:science::D:rockon::tup::razz::leaf::spliff:......
  16. Endless Interim

    How many times throughout the day do you vape?

    I wake up and hit a rice grain size concentrate then hit the Dynavap one or two times and off to work(I do NOT drive to work when doing so).When I am off work on my Friday I come home hit up the rig again and dab a few times more and hit the Dynavap three to five times more.On my first day off I...
  17. Endless Interim

    Healthy Rips Rogue

    Sneaky Pete has a two minute video of himself tokin' it up with the Rouge.Looks very impressive.:tup:
  18. Endless Interim

    Sneaky Pete Globes

    I ordered this from Sneaky Pete here in the states a month logo.
  19. Endless Interim

    Legal and new job

    Ah ok gotcha.I'd play it as don't volunteer any more info than they ask for.
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