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  1. NickDlow

    Ed's WoodScents Log Vape - Ed's TnT

    I work for a federally funded company and a few years ago they started random testing.
  2. NickDlow

    Ed's WoodScents Log Vape - Ed's TnT

    Time for a blast from the past! What’s up my old friend @Ed's TnT its been tooooo long. I’ve been out of the game for a few years. But you better believe I still have a couple of the WS you made me. Strictly for the aroma use now unfortunately. Idk if I still have your contact info but if you...
  3. NickDlow

    Glass 3

    eyesmoke glass rig with custom sand blasting. 14mm female joint. Asking $180 shipped. Continental US and PayPal only. where mind is without fear by rabindranath tagore
  4. NickDlow

    Glass 2

    This rig was made by woodchuck glass. Uv reactive, 14mm female joint. Asking $250 obo shipping included. Continental US and PayPal only. biday belar kobita
  5. NickDlow


    American blown glass rig. 14mm female connection. I believe the artist was CramBoro. It’s been a while but I believe that’s right. Asking $150 shipped. Continental US and PayPal only.
  6. NickDlow

    Fabric vape cases

    Fabric vape cases. Lg $20, med $15 and small SOLD Shipping included. Continental US and PayPal only.
  7. NickDlow

    Silicone oil containers

    $25 for the lot. Shipping included. Continental US and PayPal only.
  8. NickDlow

    Errlectric package!

    This has basically everything thing that they offer and then some. Kit includes controller, all three nails (ti, herb and banger), three carb caps (2 regular and 1 for the banger), Ti brushes with retaining clips for banger, glass piece and case is also included. I forgot the maker of the glass...
  9. NickDlow


    So I made a portable vape case. The case includes two mini UnderDogs, a 14/18mm stem from Ed’s TnT, a pipe made by JoDa, a jyarz container, a VK BVVPS (internal battery vvps) and the case of course. Asking $325 obo. I would really prefer to sell this as one package but would be willing to hear...
  10. NickDlow


    Sad to say it’s time to sell off most of my logs unfortunately. I only have two power supplies available so first two sales get them. You can buy them cheap off amazon as well. First is a Buckeye Burl standard core UnderDog with a (forgot wood type) 14mm stem and a buckeye burl 18mm stem from...
  11. NickDlow


    I have 3 VK VVPS’s for sale. The works vvps (small blue) $75 A BVVPS (internal battery) $100 A 2in1 vvps $125 The lot for $225. Shipping included, continental US and PayPal only.
  12. NickDlow


    Heavily used large black space case 4pc $25 Lightly used medium orange SCS 3pc SOLD New medium green SCS 4pc SOLD Or the lot for $70 shipped to continental US only. Everything will be ISO cleaned before shipping.
  13. NickDlow


    2 Jyarz Satchmo containers. Asking 25 shipped to continental US only.
  14. NickDlow

    3 small CVaults

    Just like the title says 3 vaults. I’m asking $40 shipped for all 3. Continental US only.
  15. NickDlow

    Haze 2.5 bundle

    Haze unit, 6 cans, 4 batteries, case for cans and case for the whole package. Asking $55 shipped to continental US only.
  16. NickDlow

    The Nomad From Morwood

    I was on the late list too and mine has all the upgrades and with the care package included.
  17. NickDlow

    The Nomad From Morwood

    I’m not sure if mine is the last of the first batch or not but it’s gotta be pretty close. I’m kind of glad though because all of the minor issues you all found have been rectified so thanks for the quick testing. My Nomad will be heading here on Monday. Unfortunately I don’t vape bud anymore...
  18. NickDlow

    The Nomad From Morwood

    It says (I think lol) “the way of the warrior”. I told Dan to go with a samurai theme. The front is just a common Kamon (see what I did there) or crest that would be worn on armor. Thanks everyone but obviously we all know Dan deserves the praise.
  19. NickDlow

    The Nomad From Morwood

    I finally decided on a paint scheme for Nomad 008 so is should be here relatively soon. Here’s the mock up
  20. NickDlow

    The Nomad From Morwood

    Referring to Dan’s pic what if you remove the bottom screen (which is on top of the herb when in the vape, correct?) and you can load right from the top. Or would you just inhale the herb? Mine is one of the customs he’s still working on. So I’ll be able to play around soon. Enjoy your Nomads...
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