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  1. Xchadb

    Brown glass

    Hello FC, been on this forum for a few years now, got me into vapes, and that got me into glass! I started out electroforming some pieces for SwaggerGlass back in the day, eventually i learned from Corey Brazilla and Josh Kaliber in the shop and took the addiction into my own place. Been on the...
  2. Xchadb

    4mati0n- Electroforming+Glassblowing

    Starting a thread to show my progress,(this whole thread is NFS, making it clear that im not posting things on here to sell) just getting started in glassblowing and electroforming, been a member for a while now, just thought some of you would like to keep in touch with what im up to. Thanks...
  3. Xchadb

    Medicated Everclear

    I use a little everclear to un-clog my errl'd up oil rigs that no longer have airflow. just a good soak til all the errls get disolved, make sure to throw in a chunk the size of a dab just for good measure :) then bottoms up :science: tastes like fire, feels like awesome :science:
  4. Xchadb

    4mati0n- New electroforming artist

    me :) sneak preview for my FC homies
  5. Xchadb

    Colie Glass

    This is a friend of mine out here in Colorado, he is going to be setting up an online shop soon! he collabs with a few other big names and it shows in his style, he has lots of functional and affordable pieces that i know everyone on here loves. I should be picking up a piece or two from him...
  6. Xchadb

    Marleys Mello Mood Soda, My tolerance helper!

    ive been drinking those bob marley sodas you find at some grocery stores, and holy crap it does a WHOLE lot more than the dumb mango trick, its always to hard to find mangos and get them to be a certian ripeness and depends on what you ate ect ect... anyone had these? they taste pretty good...
  7. Xchadb

    Pax by Ploom -220

    Purple Pax by Ploom This IS my FAVORITE vape, ever. really need money right now, and ive already got burned on another sale here(sorry tweak :\ ), so trying to re-coop. lightly used. maybe harline scratches... asking 220 shipped FIRM.....where else you gonna buy one this cheap? USA only...
  8. Xchadb

    Black Leaf Saxobubbler

    Selling my black leaf saxobubbler for cheap glass, I LOVE THIS PIECE(perfect with an SSV), once again just need some money! 100 shipped
  9. Xchadb

    18" DI David Goldstein Fritted Disc Perc

    Selling my 18" 18MM DI fritter i really need your help right now, and if anyone bought this i could really use the money this is my prized piece and im sad to let it go, but i need the help. my life is in a very confusing rut and changing right now, i need money! NEVER SMOKED IN...
  10. Xchadb

    PAX by Ploom

    Looking for a PAX, any color or condition is fine. wanting to trade glass(david goldstein fritted disc 18")(or other things if interested) i also have an ssv to offer
  11. Xchadb

    Aspergers....You sneaky fuck!

    Just outa curiosity, i took a few tests for autism, i scored above average. (more autistic than average) Lots of my co-workers tell me to look into Aspergers Syndrome. My fiance' has no idea what AS, she read the wiki on it, said she thinks it explains me to a fucking T! I also thought...
  12. Xchadb

    David Goldstein 18" 18mm DI Fritted Disc W\ custom dome

    Selling my precious DG. everyone knows what this pieces it and what it does, comes with piece, ti nail, custom octopus dome. (blown by steve at 7th floor) just gonna say go ahed and make the best offer shipped.... im quitting FC and the Medical scene all together and THC wont be a part of my...
  13. Xchadb

    Who dabs ABV Oil?

    ME! my fav thing to do with ABV, also the most usefull.... iso wash that nasty ass shit! turn it into brown goooooooooooooolllllllld!(goldmembervoice) :haw:
  14. Xchadb

    Organalabs C02 Extracted Honey Oil

    Picked up a half gram of this stuff for a pretty penny, loaded up the omi, and let me tell you this is the best stuff ive ever tried... better than any BHO ive ever tried and ive had many, after tasting a true C02 oil this stuff really tastes better, very pure taste almost like lemons. here in...
  15. Xchadb

    New vaporizer youtube show :)

    If this isnt the right place, sorry, and if im not supposed to be doing this, sorry mods delete it. Im a fairly active member from CO withholding a redcard that loves vaping, just thought some of you vapor heads would enjoy my channel, just got a new camera and gonna be doing videos about...
  16. Xchadb

    Vacuumed sealed bud in glass mason jars

    My MMC in town serves up thier bud fresh this way, its packaged from the day its ready to smoke, so when you first open it its like day 1 of fresh bud! :D let me know if your dispensairy packages in a unique way!
  17. Xchadb

    FS: 23" tripple perc bong BLOWN

    putting my beaker bottom 23+" tripple 6 arm 3 slit tree percs w\ ice catcher. Was blown locally here in Denver, CO by "BLOWN" this thing is featured in all my videos, If you need some specific pictures let me know, i figured a video would explain it all tho... perfect condition, only a few...
  18. Xchadb

    Shoutbox or embeded chat?

    i know there is an IRC chan, but how many users on here(and lurkers) do you think even have IRC installed or even know how to use it? and even if so....point is you have to go out of your way (offsite) to use thats not really "engaging" if ya know what i mean? i often see most forums...
  19. Xchadb

    Lets start a tinychat? or chatroom?

    Who wants to start a tinychat or chatroom? would be a lot different pace than a forum for discussing other things...anyone?
  20. Xchadb

    My ABV Experience

    2.5g's of super fine ground ABV + 1 HEFTY scoop of ben n' jerry's ice cream(i had ate dinner with plenty of fat in it that night as well for it to absorb into), and whipped it up and ate it in a few bites and washed it down....not bad.... pretty good buzz but ate it late at night so i fell...
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