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    Does this weed look Moldy?

    I got this stuff, Guy said it had been wrapped a few days, It seems real nice quality, dried well, snappy crunchy etc but got a weird seaweed damp grassy smell with a bit of goodness poking out. but it is bone dry. As it sits in the jar for 2 days it gets more stinking by the day in a good way...
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    VapeXhale Cloud Evo, Dr Dabber Switch or Alternative?

    I'm looking for something big with a waterpipe attachment that does both dabs and flower well. I am a long time smoker and have the pax3, Airizer Go, and the Extreme Q and water pipe attachments for all but could do with something with a bit more oomph. bigger clouds, harder throat hit. I am...
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    Pax 3 Concentrates & Attachment help.... Wax/Shatter newbie

    I have always been all about the flavor when it comes to vaping and was so close to getting the argo over the Pax3 for that reason but ended up going with the pax because i wanted to vape some concentrates. Anyway, Managed to get my hands on some which is a mission in the UK and I have no idea...
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    Hi guys, I'm New Here. Thinking about buying the ARGO

    I have a pax3 with the NewVape upgrades and love it for weed and concentrates. It is a great piece of kit. However, I have been hearing lots of good in relation to flavor with the ARGO due to the all glass path. The replaceable batteries and the fact I can buy spares tubes and pre-pack them is...
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