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    Kanger T3D issue?

    I have a Kanger T3D that works on multiple eGo batteries, but when I try it on the iTaste MVP it's a no go. I do an amp check on the MVP but it says noon, like nothing is on there. I tried different volts, but no go. I have the 2ohms atty on(same one as the PT3, which I have pure gold in & works...
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    Vhit Boom?

    I just saw this on tumblr. Looks pretty e-cig like, at least in shape, bit not sure what threading it has. Any know anything about this? I didn't see a thread here, which is kind of surprising since it's comng out this month.
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    size portability question?

    I am thinking about moving from my VG bat to another vaporizer, and currently looking at a few models. Between the Vapir N02, vs the Vapir Mini 2.0 which is the small more portable model? I take it the NO2 will have the better battery life? Now between these two Vapir vs the iolite, which is...
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    e-joint/cig question, which to use?

    I have been doing a good bit of research on this and not sure which is better to use with one of these. I will be using a little over a gram of ABV of good stuff with $25 worth of trimmings and shake(1lbs I think) for this, however which is more effective to use for an e-joint as I have seen a...
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