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    Holidays With the Family?

    Do you love spending the holidays with family? Do you wish you could? Or is it a living hell that just wont end. It's the most ^$#% time of the year! (for me).
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    Free meds for veterans & registration help! "OUR MISSION The mission of Grow for Vets USA is to help save the more than 50 Veterans who die each day from suicide and prescription drug overdose. Grow for Vets provides Veteran heroes with safe alternatives to deadly prescription drugs. We connect Veterans with the...
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    What makes FC forums so special?

    Lifted from my responce to Dynavaper in a different thread. In my experience those rare, few, special forums share some traits: Topic based. Things expand out but start from some shared geekyness. Benevolent Despot. Forums are started by an individual or group fronted by one. Huge! Forums...
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    Vaping in Disney Movies?

    Guys in the background at 2:20, doing dabbs.
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    >9mm thick glass

    Need $ for 4/20 sales? Sell me your old, (probably custom), super thick bong or bubbler. I plan on using it/them with my VapCap collection so anything that works with my GonG adaptors is good.
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    Kratom to become schedule 1 on Setember 30

    Title says it all. Kratom will become a schedule 1 drug at the end of September. Just a heads up. Does it have potential for abuse? Sure. It is used medically? Yes it is. States that have made it illegal have seen an increase in Opiate overdoses as people switch BACK from Kratom. But hey, we...
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