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    Hemp necklaces

    Anyone make their own ever? Or any kind of hemp stuff, like bracelets. I'm starting my first one this weekend. Thing is, i plan on making it pretty long. I want it to reach down to about my belly button, i dig long necklaces. I'm gonna use a pretty thick hemp so i'm not working with as much...
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    Wikileaks-releasing classified documents tonight The site is known for releasing classified documents, most recently the Iraq War Logs. Tonight they will release more, supposedly a big big amount...
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    Attempting to vape with a lighter

    Okay so while i've been using my glass recently, ive tried to light the bowl with the flame being as far as possible. Sometimes the herb will combust and sometimes i can produce browned/blackened bud. What i'm wondering is, am i creating a combination of vapor and smoke? is the heat from one...
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    The Flower: Interesting Anti-prohibition video

    Had to show you guys this. I think it portrays our situation almost perfectly.
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    Log or Whip? for my situation

    I'm looking for a home vape, since all i have is my MFLB. I want something that is easy for a friend and i to use without being a hassle. Also under 200$. Also something that could easily attach to a waterpiece. So im thinking either a Myrtlezap or Woodeez if i choose a log. Or a Vaporbros or...
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