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  1. Little Bill

    Micro-dosing 20 gram scale in .001 gram increments but I don't normally use the scale. I have a small spoon that when heaped with ground flower is right at .1 gram. When level full it is at .07 gram. Of course my...
  2. Little Bill


    I'm using less than .5gm per week. Each load of .o7-.1gm gives me two sessions ( low temp and high temp ) of 3-4 hours each. I'm never stoned but I'm often high ( on low temp ). I also nap a lot ( on high temp ). My Crafty is best but my Solo 2 is almost as good.
  3. Little Bill

    Argo vs fw5 vs fury2

    If the Mighty was my main vape and I needed a pocketable vape; I would look no further than the Crafty.
  4. Little Bill

    Looking for Vape Recommendations

    So could someone provide a link to an induction heater for a vapcap or to a discussion thread of same?
  5. Little Bill

    Vaped dry herb taste

    I agree that 338F is a sweet spot with both my Crafty and Solo 2. Very tasty vapor! I use the centigrade scale and start at 170c and with the Crafty have boost mode set to !85C which is 365F. With the Solo 2 after each few draws I move up 5C which is 9F. Depending on the herb strain I...
  6. Little Bill

    Boundless CF / CFX / CF-Hybrid

    I am giving a demonstration of my three vaporizers to a couple friends next week. I've had the CFX for about a year, but haven't used it for over 6 months. I ran a few bowls through both type pods I have. I finally got into sync with the CFX. I use it at 180c-210c instead of my normal...
  7. Little Bill

    What do you pay per ounce of cannabis?

    Great news. My cost just dropped again to $325 for an ounce. That's about a years supply for me.
  8. Little Bill

    Should I get a session or on demand vape?

    @ejackyou why does slower heat up time make it the best session vape? I like session vapes but don't see why slower heat up times are an advantage. Please inform.
  9. Little Bill

    Arizer Solo II

    I bought my lovely blue Solo 2 in April 2017 at initial product intro. I even got a great 420 discount. This thing is built like a tank. It has never failed me; and it is so easy to keep clean and use easily. :love:
  10. Little Bill

    Canna-Weird News

    I'd have to see her brownies first! :rockon:
  11. Little Bill

    Age of the FC Community plus a lot of nostalgia

    @Shrike this is NOT the F you thread. I have always referred to him as John Revolting though.
  12. Little Bill

    Hi guys, I'm New Here. Thinking about buying the ARGO

    My Solo 2 (currently at 180c) and I agree that Arizer vapes are great.
  13. Little Bill

    Age of the FC Community plus a lot of nostalgia

    The good news is that I'm getting good mileage from my weed. It grinds up light and fluffy. The small load from a rounded spoon (dash sized) weighs in at about 55 milligram. So I get about 125 loads from a quarter ounce. I get 4 hours of happy time for 80 cents. Much cheaper and lower calories...
  14. Little Bill

    Cannabis News

  15. Little Bill

    Need advice on a portable vaporizer...

    You might feel differently; but I wouldn't trade my Solo 2 even for a Mighty.
  16. Little Bill

    Need advice on a portable vaporizer...

    The Mighty doesn't meet your $200 target even when on sale. I have a CFX on the shelf because it doesn't vape as well as my Solo 2 or my Crafty.
  17. Little Bill

    Need advice on a portable vaporizer...

    Arizer Solo 2.
  18. Little Bill

    What was your first experience with vaping?

    My first vape was a Crafty a little over three years ago. You can't go wrong with an S&B or an Arizer vape for your first time.
  19. Little Bill

    New to vaping, totally blocked with simple questions!

    Actually .005 gram is a nice session for me in the Crafty. Also I often put in .007 and do one session at 168c and later a second session at 185c (my boost temp). 3/4 draws par session. I do use the liquid pad to cover the small load. Yesterday evening I did a load of .010 in my Solo 2 and woke...
  20. Little Bill

    Bump this thread if you're VAPED now!

    I woke at 3AM in my TV lounge chair. So yesterday went well!
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