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  1. Ramahs

    NFC How do you know your weed is any good

    I 100% hear ya. This shit sucks. The funny thing is that the only two living family members I have moved to a legal state years ago. The funnier thing is that neither of them have any interest in cannabis at all. :lol:
  2. Ramahs

    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    I strongly suspect that you will like that rig.
  3. Ramahs

    The Official FC Pets & Animals thread

    Cheers to my dog, the best friend I ever had, which I put down 4-years ago today. ^ That pic was right before we put her down. We injected her with the shot that stopped her heart right there with me a few minutes after I took this picture. At lease we were able to do that. So she died with...
  4. Ramahs

    Joke thread

  5. Ramahs

    Dynavap VapCap

    If the pic is accurate, then that's a single crown, not a double crown.
  6. Ramahs

    Cannabis Hardware (formerly NewVape) FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    There are almost no upper limits to how much this fantastic vape can kick your ass! :rofl:
  7. Ramahs

    Dynavap VapCap

    Ed does good work. I definitely recommend reaching out to him as a good option.
  8. Ramahs

    Interesting News, Articles & Stuff

    I swear I recently read that there is a state that is doing a lottery, where a certain number of people who get vaccinated get randomly selected to win money. Sounds like a better and more cost efficient way to motivate people to get vaccinated than paying celebrities to talk about it.
  9. Ramahs Your Friendly Vaporizer Store

    Yeah. Website still appears to be closed to me as well. I think we are just cheering for the "re-opening soon" announcement.
  10. Ramahs

    Is there a wand holder or stand for whip vape wands

    I wish I had an answer for ya. A few years ago, after getting my first whip vape (a DBV), I fashioned this stem/whip hanger out of a wire clothes-hanger. It's not pretty, but it works quite well. I rarely use that vape anymore, but I still have that hanger with it. Maybe it can provide...
  11. Ramahs

    Brilliant Cut Grinder

    I agree 100%, my friend!
  12. Ramahs

    Products that make you go...........hmmmmm...

    Hmmm, interesting set of doctor's equipment. Is this for kids who want to be doctors when they grow Texas?
  13. Ramahs

    RezBlock /Cranberry Extract

    To be perfectly honest, as long as I am cleaning daily and using CE, I usually just rinse (maybe 5 seconds of shaking each time) with hot water. I find myself only feeling the need to do an iso rinse every 1-2 weeks. I've only ever used CE, but it makes sense that a bit of CA would improve the...
  14. Ramahs

    The Official FC Pets & Animals thread

  15. Ramahs

    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    Let us know how you like it. Depending on my mood, I sometimes prefer a "chuggy" piece.
  16. Ramahs

    Weed headaches?

    I've never had headaches as a result of cannabis.
  17. Ramahs

    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    "Chugger" rigs tend to have long simple one or two hole percs, so that they have a long slow chugging sound pattern when operating normally. A single hole downstem is still a perc, it's just one of the simplest of percs.
  18. Ramahs

    The Official CannaBreak Thread

    I take a 4-6 hour break each night. Though, I question whether the loss of tolerance is really worth it.
  19. Ramahs

    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    Wow. By the look of the percs on those, I would have never expected them to be chuggers. I would have thought the function to be on the smoother side of things. That's interesting.
  20. Ramahs

    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    I've had one of these for some time. Though, it doesn't get much use these days. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but I'm not a huge fan of hitting my piece while staring straight down at the table most of the time. Most of the time this is fine with a piece like this with a 45 degree...
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