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  1. SD_haze

    MyDx - Analyzer for Cannabis.

    I just recently came accross this device! Has anyone else done any research into these new types of devices? I've seen one other similar device, the SCiO For the MyDx, apparently the company is based in San Diego & just crowdfunded $40,000 (2x their goal) on Indiegogo 2 months ago. I believe...
  2. SD_haze

    Dreamin' for a vape....just for kief

    For years now I've been waiting for a vaporizer specifically made for kief/"pollen". Or at the very least, a current vaporizer manufacturer coming out with optional attachment made specifically for the kief. It certainly has its own unique properties like hash oils. While there's a lot of...
  3. SD_haze

    Ground Glass Joint 250% Bigger Than the VXC Cloud

    Not sure what TORO had in mind with this piece. That joint is 45mm! :suspicious: One of the best part about downstems is that they're easy to replace if broken, but that really goes out the window with this beast $750 quote on bitfreakglass
  4. SD_haze

    [Aggregated] Special Sales for 710

    There seems to be so many nice sales going on for the season, a lot of them combining july 4th with 710 :rofl: High Priority Glass: NVS Glassworks is having a sale, with heavy discounts on concentrate pieces, from 11am-8pm (in Portland). I'm not sure if they ship, if anyone wants to...
  5. SD_haze

    DealXtreme "Honest" Torch... danger warning

    This sucker gets a lot of attention here at FC, and for good reason. Affordable, yet powerful. Today though, something happened. I picked it up like any other time, pressed down on the button, and it went on. When I depressed the button however, it took about 2-3 seconds for the flame to go...
  6. SD_haze

    New Oregon Pot Eatery - medical

    EARTH DRAGON EDIBLES HASH BAR/MEDICAL EDIBLES & MONGOLIAN BBQ | OMMP RESTAURANT :haw: A restaurant that specializes in marijuana infused foods. Just opened like two weeks ago in Ashland, Oregon. So, you can get a custom stir fry with your choice of...
  7. SD_haze

    Glass Physics: Best way to break a glass rod

    When I first bought an oil dome setup, I was sold a super long nail that fit my old, bigger bong. That piece is now broken and I only have my 12 inch tube. I've never been able to use it, until I just realized I can break the nail to make it shorter and then I wouldn't have to buy anything new...
  8. SD_haze

    Looking for an affordable vapor bubbler? This one is worked!

    Found this little gem on High Priority Glass. What's special about it, is its price despite the nice worked section on the mouthpiece. Part of this is because it comes with no bowl or globe, so its perfect for a vapor piece on a budget. Of all the high-end mouthstyles, this is my favorite...
  9. SD_haze

    VaporBrother's Vapo-Bubbler

    Under the vaporizer section of high priority glass i found a bubbler specifically made for whip vaporizers. Unfortunately, for some reason its not available for online purchases only in store (Long Beach, California) EDIT: forgot the link Perfect size/diffusion for preserving vapor flavor for...
  10. SD_haze

    Cannabis Infused...Bacon Grease?

    While cooking 2lbs of bacon in the oven today, I got a thought. Bacon grease is about the fat content of butter, but has even more saturated fats. I've read a number of places that fat substances with higher saturated %'s bind more readily with THC and other cannabinoids than, say, most...
  11. SD_haze

    Re-heating Edibles Safely

    I have some ABV cookies I'd love to eat warmed up but I'm wary of the microwave damaging the extracted goodies. Can anyone think of a better solution to heating them up? These cookies were amazing out of the oven but at room temperature, it definitely tastes much more "off" I was thinking...
  12. SD_haze

    A four arm...showerhead?

    Just came accross this bubbler on Aqua Lab, never seen anything quite like it. Has a "Reinforced 4 Arm Shower Head Tree Perc" and by HVY Glass Just about the same price as the Leisure Glass 15-arm bubbler
  13. SD_haze

    Cleaning with Isopropyl Alcohol...water wash after?

    I've seen a lot of glass cleaning guides instruct to wash the glass with hot water after a iso cleaning If iso evaporates 100% clean, is there any real reason to do this? It seems like it would just prolong the drying time, especially since I have access to 99% iso... (I guess this also...
  14. SD_haze

    Cannabis Cooking Questions

    Got about 1.5 oz of ABV in a crock pot right now (with about 14oz of coconut oil) and wanted some clarification on a few things. 1. Straining. I know you can use cheese cloth, clean t-shirt, pantyhose, and more to strain, but is there any reason to use cheesecloth over a shirt? Seems like an...
  15. SD_haze

    Trying to figure out what vaporizer this is...

    One of my friends is getting a vaporizer but he doesn't remember what its name was. He said he's getting it at a discount from a wholesaler for $240, that it does bags & whips, and that it was kinda red. I asked if it was the herbalaire or v-tower but he didn't think it was either of them...
  16. SD_haze

    Clogged Metal VG Bat

    My friend's aluminum vaporgenie bat's black heating thing is clogged with soot, from what i presume was overheating. Anyone know a way to remove it and clean it so we dont have to buy a new one? :peace:
  17. SD_haze

    Best vaporizer for running thru a water source?

    Hey all, I'm looking to get a new vaporizer that I can run through my new bong. I currently own an iolite, which i can run thru with a easyvape whip, but it works very poorly. I want much higher vapor:air ratio to be able to milk a good sized vapor rip. The best I've found for this would be...
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