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  1. shopdognyc

    Mod box/510 options?

    Wismec is okay, most seem to like Joytech Tubo Evic, Pico which you can find on vape sourcing still
  2. shopdognyc

    Question for owners of the Heavy Duty Rig (bubbler from Higher Standards)

    If you guys are not aware of these guys, this piece is pretty solid and thick at $50
  3. shopdognyc

    Saionara Atomizer thread

    If you are considering the Sai, you could also look at the DTV4 from There is a 10% code out there too.
  4. shopdognyc


    For those with success, it seems filling the bowl all the way is for the best performance. If you think of using Sticky Bricks, it advises you to use a thin layer to learn on. Those who make the jump when they fill up the bowl much more. Glad you are finding some success. Its a good...
  5. shopdognyc


    It works with issues and $160 isn't bad especially for performance. I won't push back at them but I am sure the silence is due to the volume of issues. It needs some work maybe more than some of the higher priced ones out there. Maybe its strategic to see what works and version 2.0 will be...
  6. shopdognyc


    With all of the effort they try, don't think I can stand behind this product. It works when does but all of the issues seem much more effort than worth. Repeated efforts to reach out sometimes returns quick action, most times reminiscent of Tiny Might for me. For those with continued...
  7. shopdognyc

    Brick vs. Lotus vs. Vapman

    I have all and want to say all of them but the Lotus may eventually go extinct and would grab that first. Vapman are still available through @VGOODIEZ and maybe direct later. Sticky Bricks, Oconnells, Jetdryv, Nova are all available.
  8. shopdognyc

    The Vapbong from Art of vapor

    Was afraid of mine since been sitting on them for sometime, thankfully all seems okay. You did a great job on that fix. Makes it personally and more effective.
  9. shopdognyc

    The JetDryV (Wood Oven Module) by REFC Labs LLC

    I have one of these and the first thought underwhelming. Meaning, it look so simple. I am a fan of Oconnell and have the Noisy Cricket which just rages. If you compare the Noisy Cricket to sticky brick the oven is significantly larger. I can show a picture if anyone cares. The action is...
  10. shopdognyc

    TinyMight Vaporizer

    @BrianTL considering the past issues, has to be sooner than later. how i will swing it out of view of sig other is the planning phase now
  11. shopdognyc

    TinyMight Vaporizer

    Thought give an update 1/19 - ordered 2/11 - arrived via DHL
  12. shopdognyc

    DaVinci IQ2

    how genius as always from shitsnacks
  13. shopdognyc

    Plenty vs Flower Pot ??

    longevity I think the FP wins and works really well. I don't have the Plenty and know lot of people who are fans but thats my vote for you.
  14. shopdognyc

    The Vapbong from Art of vapor

    Just got my Bandit to match my Vapbong in Frog Tree Green. Unfortunately, not the right time to bring home as a mantle piece. Glad everyone is enjoying!
  15. shopdognyc

    iHeat 510 Heater Cartridge

    Can you share that Splinter DNA profile?Where do you find those files?
  16. shopdognyc

    TinyMight Vaporizer

    So I caved finally and placed an order 1/19, ship notice came 2/5
  17. shopdognyc


    Want to chime in that Dotleaf did good and sent me 2/3 tanks/bowls with the black, without tops. Still waiting on an update on the third.
  18. shopdognyc

    Tetra P80 Ordering & Shipping

    3 days is a record, still waiting here
  19. shopdognyc

    Tetra P80 Ordering & Shipping

    Have to figure @funkyjunky probably has a lot going on. I've had times I thought I'd ask and got an email update. He is not a big production and guy is still working on customs as we speak.
  20. shopdognyc

    DeskPod by ModPod Labs

    Been saying around the corner for a while, maybe @VGOODIEZ can say when
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