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  1. DigitalDavinci

    Let's Make Some T-shirts

    Hey guys...just signed on after a 6 mo hiatus for various reasons. I'm diggin' this thread and I'll be posting some thoughts I've got this weekend. Thank you so very much for the kind words too guys. You'll have to email me StickStones sometime. I miss the BS in the forums. I'm so happy you...
  2. DigitalDavinci

    Discontinued Purple-Days Vaporizer

    PartiallyVeiled!!!!....Happy to read your fantasically obsessed post. I too have a rythm that closely mimics yours. I recently aquired some decent mids, and you are right. Normally I get really good quality herb, and it is true...the better the herb, then the better the PD will perform. You can...
  3. DigitalDavinci

    Discontinued Purple-Days Vaporizer

    Unfortuantely it was the part that plugs into the wall. I droped it pretty hard the other day when I was carrying too much stuff. The "box" had a rattle in it. Funny thing...the light works right from the start now. Maybe my LED issue was the wall adaptor. I'll miss the purple light warming up...
  4. DigitalDavinci

    Reusing vaped herb

    Wheezy...that is what I actually do to control my tolorance. SpiralArchitect and Vaporcloud both suggested this when I started to even doubt vaporizing in general. Now I vape my AVB durring the weekdays, and in case of panic attacks, insomnia, or the weekends I have my goods. It make me really...
  5. DigitalDavinci

    Martial Arts Thread - digital davinci, hazy?

    PV!!!!!!!!!!!! I just typed in the PD thread that I never see you anymore. So happy to read your post man!!! I too after a little more research have come to the conclusion that tia chi and yoga are going to be my foundation, and I'll still practice a elevated martial art (ie: self defense/fight...
  6. DigitalDavinci

    Discontinued Purple-Days Vaporizer

    Well You can also remember if you dont rinse well, things can and will bake into the plastic. Working in high end restraunts for years, I've seen alot of brand new cutting boards (made of the same stuff) become permently discolored because someone placed a freshly roasted pepper, and the red...
  7. DigitalDavinci


    Where can I get a inhale for 199? I've only seen 250 with free shipping at best. I'd love to get one of these beauties DD
  8. DigitalDavinci

    Martial Arts Thread - digital davinci, hazy?

    That would be amazing man. I can wait to get out there. I just want to be sure the everyone understands I FEEL that I am spending too much money on MJ, and the complaining about my health is only inhibiting me from happiness through action. I would never be so brash as to say anyone is spending...
  9. DigitalDavinci

    Discontinued Purple-Days Vaporizer

    So the standard aquarium line is the stuff. I placed a tube about 6 - 8 inches into the stem of the PD, and got good restults. Taht will be the longest I make the tubes. I hope the air passage way isn't just too long for the amount of air to vapor ratio the PD makes??? who knows The tube just...
  10. DigitalDavinci

    Martial Arts Thread - digital davinci, hazy?

    Hey SM55!!! I got your email, but I've been at work since yesterday really. I get a break on Friday (almost 4 days straight working with 4 - 5 hours of sleep per night), and I'll be happy to contribute then. I like the idea of multiple styles for a non-traditional way of practicing martial arts...
  11. DigitalDavinci

    Vaporizing "Spice" Gold/Diamond?

    vc...that is sad man. I'm sorry to hear about your forced tolorance break. You seem to have this problem from time to time. I feel for you man. I've been there and it sucks. Well I'll blow a hit your way, but I'm sure the 24 hours may filter it by the time it makes it to you. lol Best of luck...
  12. DigitalDavinci

    Discontinued Purple-Days Vaporizer

    Well the idea will work, but I tried to get all fancy last night. I wanted longer tubes to give me more of a relaxed position while hitting my beloved PD, and well the hose was just too long. Just not functional at that length, so I'll take a shot at again tonight or tomorrow night. I'll keep...
  13. DigitalDavinci

    Music To Take Drugs To (blog)

    Yeah man...IM is awesome. I'm a converting vegiterians for my fav. great tunes. I like VNV Nation, Sphongle, and Lacuna Coil sometimes when I want to veg. Also I listen to Okenfold, Funker Vogt, and Fluke quite a bit for the more energetic buzz moments. Mainly I stick to 60's, 70's, and 90's...
  14. DigitalDavinci

    Combusting what comes out of your vaporizer?

    Nice idea VC. I would love to try this elusive wand hash I hear about. I've only got the PD. No wand hash to be had there. On a side note...I smoked a lot of the duff I made with the first vape. It works, and gets you stone. Only for a short time though. It is a lot like crappy regs. Works, but...
  15. DigitalDavinci

    Vaporizing "Spice" Gold/Diamond?

    I have used spice diamond, and here is a few of my tips. I have a PD remind you so I have no way of adjusting my temps... I dry mine so I don't need to worry about the higher temps. I like dried lime leaves, blue lotus, hops, or mint to take the horrible taste of fake vanilla ( you may like it...
  16. DigitalDavinci

    Thank you Fuck Combustion!

    Welcome Survivalism!! I'm glad to see another person converted to a healthier way to to consume. Hope you enjoy our fantastically unique community. DD
  17. DigitalDavinci

    Discontinued Purple-Days Vaporizer

    Hello everyone!!! Wow, I leave for a few weeks, and the community is twice as big as before. Both the website, and the PD thread! Welcome to all the new PD owners! I see there is a new design as well! I like my original PD, but I can definetly appricieate the need to keep unit...
  18. DigitalDavinci

    Happy Holidays! Your favorite MJ recipe for the season of cheer.

    So what is your favorite recipe for the holidays? Is it a cannabis recipe? Can it be made into one? Anzac cookies: 1 cup of flour 1 cup of rolled oats 1 cup of brown sugar 1/2 cup of sweetened coconut 1/2 cup of sultans (yellow rasins) 1/4 cup of honey 1 stick (4 ozs, 1/2 cup) of...
  19. DigitalDavinci

    Wake n Bake - you gotta love it.

    I have noticed the same thing about baseline. Unfortunately my baseline include horrific panic attacks. Threfor I saty medicated. My tolorance break worked great thanks to SpiralArchitects suggestions. Along with vaporclouds help as well. I only use duff all day everyday. I begin the day with a...
  20. DigitalDavinci

    Official Cannabis Butter thread

    Not really man. If you are useing need at least an hlf oz IMO for one batch of brownies. Even then...they still won't be that strong. I actually have almost my first oz of duff, and I plan to try vtac's method for brownies this weekend. I have put a good metod in this thread for...
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