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  1. elmomuzz

    Virginia decriminalizes marijuana

    The governor made it official today. Past records sealed. :)
  2. elmomuzz

    diy enail controller w/boost button

    I’ve been having some fun making my own enail controllers using whatever enclosure I have handy. The white controller is able to power both style newvape coils simultaneously. The orange controller has a “boost” button that triggers the heater for a more intense hit. User emmdeemo gave me the...
  3. elmomuzz

    Best way to store shatter

    I was visiting Breckenridge Co last week and managed to bring a few grams of shatter back home with me on the airplane. I would like to make it last a while so am wondering on how best to store it. Each gram came packaged in parchment paper inserted into a small envelope. I am thinking I can...
  4. elmomuzz

    Vaping and pain relief

    I haven't felt much like talking about it but on Monday I was in a pretty serious motorcycle accident. It was a hit and run where I was turning left into a driveway and a guy came up behind me trying to pass a bunch of cars in a no pass zone and he took me out from behind. I sustained a...
  5. elmomuzz

    Volcano makes the news
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