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  1. SpiralArchitect

    Pictures and Words.

    Look at each picture, try to determine what it represents..... I'll post the answers in a few days. :D Winners get awesome prizes. 1 POOL TABLE - ILoveRadiohead! 2 GATORADE - Stickstones 3 LIGHT BEER - Survivalism 4 DR PEPPER - TylerDurden 5 EGGPLANT - lwien 6 CARD SHARK - spyder 7...
  2. SpiralArchitect

    soap :D
  3. SpiralArchitect

    Vaporizers as a cooking tool

    I ran across this reading the Wikipedia on vaporizers. Thoughts? Maybe you could load a PD bowl of mint after dinner for some fresh breath. :D
  4. SpiralArchitect

    Exploding vaporizers!!!!!? :o Okay, someone needs to toss some explosives in an SSV and see what happens. tokinglx, you up for the job? :lol:
  5. SpiralArchitect

    Fuck Combustion evenings of discussions

    Fuck it! Come to our chat 'fuckers'! :cool:
  6. SpiralArchitect

    Vaporizer History

    I thought of a cool project for this community a while back but I kept putting off on posting it.... Well, here it is -- since this is arguably the #1 resource for vaporizers on the web, I think it's only fair that we have some sort of 'evolution' or timeline of vaporizers. For example, what...
  7. SpiralArchitect

    Vaporizer Skit - Kat Willliams "I don't know how you can out fantastic fantastic" With a vaporizer, that's how! :cool: "Your white friends take that shit seriously and they got answers for your questions and shit" :P Good stuff! It made me laugh really hard so I thought it was...
  8. SpiralArchitect

    Hookah Vapor Genie

    ( Okay... this is going to be hard... really, really chonged... ) I unveil to you, my most recent project. My new VaporHookah. :o Yesterday, I swung by the headshop and they had the pieces I needed for the VaporGenie modification I required. A small O-ring from an old bong and voila, what do...
  9. SpiralArchitect


    Whoa cool, a Czechoslovakian (?) VaporGenie!!!! That shit looks dope! :cool: I kinda like it to be honest... which is strange, because I prefer function over form.... I think it would be nicer if the bowl piece was more recessed... but I digress. Here it is; I...
  10. SpiralArchitect

    Bag vapes?

    I've only used a bag vape a few times (always a 'cano) and I think I may want to invest in one as of recently, I am just curious -- are the only bag vapes the Volcano, the Extreme and the herbalAire (not to mention a subpar Vapir product)? I'm kinda looking for something portable for party...
  11. SpiralArchitect

    Cleaning the tubes.

    'Cleaning the tubes' :brow: So, it's been so been as long as I can remember cleaning my tubing. I normally would soak it in iso and evaporate the remains, but I never liked doing that. I fear it damages the tubing and the drying process can sometimes take a while, not to mention the taste of...
  12. SpiralArchitect

    Music To Take Drugs To (blog)

    George De Large's Music To Take Drugs To Found this a while back. Well worthy of it's own thread. A LOT of good, groovy and gravy psychedelia, alt-rock, jazz, fusion, whatever; all at your fingertips to download. We all enjoy MJ, so this is suitable. :) You can't go wrong with anything here...
  13. SpiralArchitect


    Whoa. Anyone hear anything about these? 99 bucks.
  14. SpiralArchitect

    DIY Thread

    Alright. This needs to be done. :ninja: It might not be pretty. It might not be 'awesome', but it needs to be done. Most of us, being marijuana connoisseurs, are creatures of ingenuity, and creativity. We are also all vapor enthusiasts. Let's design a vaporizer. :o I'm not even joking. We...
  15. SpiralArchitect


    Has anyone seen this? US$150 ( a bit steep..... :/ ) I know it's just a simple ceramic heating element (right?), but I never even thought of this before. I guess it is made by the Wicked Roots company (Vapezilla). It's probably pretty easy to burn your herbs, but it...
  16. SpiralArchitect

    !eBay discount! Time for a new vape or toys?

    GUYS! 30% almost any eBay item. Check it out. Look for shibshibs wonderful post with step-by-step instructions; Spend it on a vape, a grinder whatever. I'm not sure how long its gonna be around but take...
  17. SpiralArchitect

    Cannabudz MIA Conspiracy

    Cannabudz: Last Post: 2008-09-11 04:17:09 pm September 11th, ~4:20. What could this mean?!?!??! :/ Where could he be? /dons tinfoil hat. I miss him and his unique ramblings. They were so interesting to read.
  18. SpiralArchitect

    Wands : Hands free or Regular?

    Which do you prefer for your whip-style vaporizer? With my VaporWarez I decided on the ground-glass connection because I hated the idea of having to continuously hold the wand as I took a hit. I like how I can set it on the element, leave it, take a hit, rotate it a few times, and then take it...
  19. SpiralArchitect


    Voila! Baked = Burn = B. Vaked = Vape = V. V?B. I feel the venerating vibrant values of vaporizing are so varying from the very venom of smoking, there should be a new variable in vocabulary when validating the veracity of the velvet vapor in ripping a voluptuous vortex in your viscid mind...
  20. SpiralArchitect

    Sneezing and vaporizing

    I've been thinking about this for some time now... Ever since I've drastically cut down on smoking (5% of my consumption now :brow: , as oppose to 20%) I've been sneezing way more when high. I sneeze even if not sick, so my health isn't in question. It's an 'agitation/itch sneeze', not a 'clear...
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