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    Extreme Balloon

    I replace the bag when it taste bad or If It gets so sticky that it puts a strain on the fan motor.
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    Iolite vaporiser

    My I inhale took a ride down a flight of stairs today about 8 stairs total survived with out a scratch. My heart stop for a second until I heard that Lovely Hisss.
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    Overall favorite vaporizer/ one youve always wanted

    I Have allot of Vapes The Herbalizer is the only vap that I do not own, that I want. I would also like to see an I inhale with adjustable thermostat nothing crazy but maybe 190 to 225C.
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    Iolite vaporiser

    The Bottles that I am talking about are the small ones I think 2.75oz. I have used NEON brand (its cheap) and Iucienne they both had metal tips with adapters in side the cap that are not needed. Has anyone noticed the unit temp to be different with different brands and quality of butane. I...
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    Iolite vaporiser

    The ronson cans that I have been getting have a White Plastic tip and the hole starts out small and gets bigger like a funnel. For the I Inhale you have to cut part of the tip off to make it bigger. If you get a can that has different adapters in the cap you can just use those cans with no...
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    Iolite vaporiser

    Well I got my I inhale yesterday and I am not happy with it at all. I am not sure if it is working properly or not. I only get 2-3 small hits of visible vapor from a full bowl, that pre heated for 10 mins. I vaped 4 bowls and felt the effects mildly to moderately. It seems that if it got...
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    Discontinued The Extreme Vaporizer Thread Part II

    put a chicken and some veg in a used bag then cook. Not sure if you can so it with the stock extreme bags. Yummy!
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    Herb Grinders

    I have to disagree with Max. I love my trueblendz I have a 3inch 4 piece. I have a half a dozen friends who all love there trueblends(assorted models). Did you grinder come with the washer? I have found if you try to use it with out the washer the top teeth do grind. As far as the New Mix n...
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    Silver Surfer Vaporizer

    If you like the GG I would recommend you get a Dabuddha. The GG is the only thing that I can see that is different between the two. The Da buddha is like 100 cheaper.
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    Discontinued Vaporstar Vaporizer

    I would not Recommend this. It is very hot. I have used a water bottle to make a quick pipe to use the Vaporstar with and if you get it to seal right it can work well as a portable because you can get a water bottle anywhere.
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    My next-door apartment neighbor is a cop...would you vape?

    I wanted to comment about the smell from vaping. I find the biggest problem I have with smell is if my whip on my SSV is dirty it stinks up the whole room, car, elevator, etc.
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    Discontinued Vaporstar portable vaporizer review

    I seconded the bic Thats all I use
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    New Vaporizer Section its here
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    Discontinued Vaporstar Vaporizer

    No I wouldn't say its a complaint. The only reason I bought the VaporStar was to use it with my Nice Illadelph water pipe that has been getting neglected since I started Vaping. I own an Extreme, SSV, VaporGenie, and VaporStar. I do prefer using an electric vap but take the VaporGenie...
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    Discontinued Vaporstar Vaporizer

    Well yeah I should of posted sooner. I have not really had the best chance to put it through a proper test. The water pipe that i Bought it for was a really old Illadelph that my friend broke on the way to the freezer to put ice in it. He smacked the joint on my bar and crack it. I taped it...
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    Discontinued Vaporstar Vaporizer

    I like the vaporstar but i wish vaporgenie would make a bowl for water pipes like the Vaporstar but use the heating element from the Vaporgenie.
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    Discontinued Vaporstar Vaporizer

    Email they have them they are limited so call them, they are located on the east coast. Oh yeah they just sell the bowl no glass.
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    Discontinued Vaporstar Vaporizer

    I know dieselVapors has them I just got one about a week ago. They told me that they just got there shipment in and was the only US dealer.
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    Extreme on backorder

    I found them on craigs list. He was selling them local. When I contacted him he gave me his website. I see now that it does come up when you search for vaporizers. As far as the hemp bag goes you can get one from 7th floor for 15 dollars. its worth it I use mine for the Extreme.
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    Extreme on backorder

    To let people know I got a vaporstar from DieselVapors it got shipped out of PA. I got it in a day but i also am very very close to pa. Its a good place for for people on the east cost.
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