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  1. kuzko

    Heliyum Haze

    Not sure if this is the right spot to post this. Don’t know if this thing is portable or not or even maybe an accessory. But there’s an indigogo campaign for this ambitious and innovative sounding “vape”. Apparently it’s not smoke or vapor, aerosolized cannabis? I know nothing about the safety...
  2. kuzko

    TinyMight Vaporizer Anyone try out one of these yet? Haven’t seen much info but the website says it’s convection heat, on demand or session, with fast heat up and replaceable battery.
  3. kuzko

    TAF (Top AirFlow) Cap for Sai

    Looking to buy just the TAF cap for the Sai. Located in Nevada. PayPal ready, thanks!
  4. kuzko

    SourceVapes smear campaign against VapeCritic

    Not sure if it’s kosher to post something like this but here ya go... SourceVapes is using a “third-party” website that they own to smear the reputation of our own @VCBud . They are certainly entitled to their own opinions but the claims that are made in the article are rather ridiculous and...
  5. kuzko

    Sticky Brick Jr. - Brand New

    Looking to sell my Fractal Walnut Sticky Brick Junior. I got this one as a gift and do not need it. It has never been used, only taken out of box and handled. Still in perfect condition. Comes with all original accessories including box, manual, extra screens, etc. Everything is included in the...
  6. kuzko

    Arizer Argo

    Want a SPLINTER WITH OR W/O BOX MOD. If there’s a box mod, I would be willing to include a Titanium Sequoia I also have listed for sale in the FC classifieds. Alternatively, I would be willing to take $170 shipped to conus for the Argo. PayPal only. Basically a brand new Arizer Argo. It has...
  7. kuzko

    Lost Vape Therion 75 or 75c

    Looking for one of these for my Stempod. I am in the CONUS and have PayPal. I can also trade a Titanium Sequoia.
  8. kuzko

    *PRICE DROP*Titanium Sequoia by HVT w/ TAF and Ti Bucket

    Looking to sell my Titanium Sequoia by Humbolt Vape Tech. Minor scratches on exterior. Comes with 2 Ti Bucket atomizers and a ceramic donut coil. Both Ti buckets have been slightly used and cleaned. Ceramic donut is brand new. Also comes with the Titanium Top-Air-Flow (TAF) mouthpiece chamber...
  9. kuzko

    Quartz Bucket Insert for Sai or Seqouia

    Looking to buy a quartz or sapphire bucket insert that fits the Saionara bucket atomizer. Can’t seem to find these for sale anywhere, Source vapes is sold out of theirs.
  10. kuzko

    Lotus Vaporizer

    Looking for a Lotus on the cheaper side, just want to try one out but don’t want to spend for a new one.Located in US. Thanks!
  11. kuzko

    IMGUR images

    So I’ve always used imgur to upload pictures on FC but now when I try to paste the link into the photo bar it says it’s not supported and to use services like Vimeo Facebook or YouTube. Does FC not use imgur anymore? What is the new standard? I’ve never used any of the new options, which one is...
  12. kuzko

    Multi-brand Quant

    Not sure if there is already a thread for this vape here but I couldn’t find one so thought I’d bring it up. Anyone know anything about the Quant portable vaporizer? Saw one in a YouTube video but it wasn’t a full review. Here’s the website:
  13. kuzko

    Dynavap Tips and Caps

    Hey there! I’m looking to add more tips and caps to my VapCap collection. I would prefer Gen 3 titanium but will entertain all offers. Would pay anywhere from $15 to $30 for tip/cap combos depending on model and condition. U.S. based and use PayPal. Thanks!
  14. kuzko

    Wing by Elm & Owl

    Just saw this on another forum. The owner posted info about it after someone inquired about it... I think it is conduction, has a built in storage compartment, and a pretty good price point. I think it is available already so this might belong in “released” portables thread. Apologies if there...
  15. kuzko

    Firefly 2 Jet Black - SOLD

    Hey guys! I’m looking to sell my brand new Jet Black Firefly 2. I purchased it on eBay a few weeks ago but never ended up using it. I opened it and charged both batteries. I engaged the heater a few times without anything in the chamber. The heater makes a slight buzzing sound but I was told by...
  16. kuzko

    SOLD -- Underdog Bundle

    SOLD I am looking to trade my Underdog log vape with accessories. It is the Canarywood model. I won it in a contest and only used it once, just not a log vaper personally. It comes with a variable voltage charger with extension cord, wood wax, metal stem, nylon stem, and glass attachment stem...
  17. kuzko

    V4-Twenty or V4 Plush

    Has anyone heard of this one before? Couldn't seem to find a thread on it.
  18. kuzko

    Limelight Mechanics E-Pipe

    Image: Description: Limelight Mechanics E-Pipe. Handmade in Serbia. Spring Crocus model. Includes wooden inlay top button and long stem mouthpiece with wood. Fits an 18350 IMR battery, which is not included. Everything is brand new,never used, with original boxes. Can be used with most...
  19. kuzko

    Posting Images on FC

    How do I include images in a post? I tried clicking on both the attachment button and the image button and they both ask me to enter a URL? Sorry if this is a dumb question but I'm new to this.
  20. kuzko

    E-cig heat question

    So dry ecig coils burn anywhere from 900-1400 degrees f, obviously that's way too hot for true vaporization. Weed vapes at 370-410 right? As I understand e-cigs, the higher the ohms the less hot the coils get, so can't someone just make a super high ohm coil that truly vapes herb? And even oils...
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