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  1. HellsWindStaff

    Dabpress Rosin Plates

    Hey all I made a beginners guide for making Rosin, would love some advice on making it! I haven't had horrid yields but I feel I could get a bit more out of things.....but then I overpress and it comes out much darker. This was my first time doing 7 and I think I'll stick with 3.5's for now...
  2. HellsWindStaff

    Rosin Technique....Easy DIY Solventless

    Here's a relatively short guide on how to make Rosin if anyone is interested.....I'm sure most of you know the process but for any newb's out there (like myself!) I hope this is helpful!
  3. HellsWindStaff

    Dabpress Rosin Plates

    I just got a 4 ton a couple weeks ago and have been learning how to dial it in. Love it thus far! would there be an issue doing two 3.5 gram pucks simultaneously on it side by side or should I do them separate?
  4. HellsWindStaff

    Supreme Vaporizer

    Sup all! Reddit wanted me to review the Supreme and just wanted to pop in and share it here in case it helps anyone! Stay blessed 🤙
  5. HellsWindStaff

    Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana - Reviews

    Rosin review, doesn’t come around the community very often! Thanks everyone who gave the last review a watch/like/sub it was very appreciated 🤙 stay lifted!
  6. HellsWindStaff

    Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana - Reviews

    I too am on the West side, PM me. But I like the program for what it is, I’m paying premium price for the ability to have it legally. Got pulled over the other day and they didn’t take my pen,told Cop I hadn’t used in hours (true) and he didn’t take it or care. flower is more limited then...
  7. HellsWindStaff

    Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana - Reviews

    What up FC Fam, been a minute. PA has very limited information on their strains in the program, I'm assuming it's because everything had to grow from seed and we weren't able to import clones........ I'm trying to do my part to spread the love and share some information - I've been meaning to...
  8. HellsWindStaff

    Want to Buy Rosin Press

    Hey all I'm in the market for a Rosin press, so if you have one you're not interested in feel free to reach out :) Couple caveats - I'd like to a hydraulic press IE: utilizing a bottle jack or something similar. Not one that I'd have to hold shut or wouldn't lock. I also would like it to be...
  9. HellsWindStaff

    Rosin Technique....Easy DIY Solventless

    Ends up at $270 after discounts but apparently it isn't Hydraulic so I'm passing, danke though :)
  10. HellsWindStaff

    Rosin Technique....Easy DIY Solventless

    Hey all, does anyone have any opinions on the MyPress Gen 2? Was going to buy a Dabpress 4 ton but now they are out of stock......
  11. HellsWindStaff

    Discontinued Ghost MV1

    So what would the temps be if you boosted or decreased? does anyone have them handy?
  12. HellsWindStaff

    Discontinued Ghost MV1

    Does this work without the app? Thinking about there a listing of the temps? I know 390 is Amber 3.....but 8% hotter would make it....421ish? That seems hot! But if boosting the temp makes 2 more enjoybale that would be dope. Right now, I currently would like it a smidge hotter...
  13. HellsWindStaff

    Discontinued Ghost MV1

    I don't understand how flipping it upside down would do anything? Or, are you flipping the crucible, which if I'm understanding correctly @joner says he does. I get uneven ABV with this, sometimes it barely looks vaped, good effects tho! I will have to try flipping the crucible. I don't stir...
  14. HellsWindStaff

    Discontinued Ghost MV1

    I really love this vape! Albeit I think it’s a bit overpriced for what you get.....but that’s just my opinion! Some kind soul was selling his barely used Stealth, plus an extra battery, plus the crucible dispenser minus one crucible (so 6 total). I got it for $150, which imo is a steal! Well...
  15. HellsWindStaff

    Random thoughts

    Hey all! Been awhile! I hope everyone is having a blessed and happy new year :love: I wasn’t sure where to post but I see a lot of people I remember in this thread! And it’s a random thought to me, just FC in general! So, my state got medical weed a year or two back.....and my appointment is...
  16. HellsWindStaff

    New Jersey legalization

    I think it's closer to happening than not. I remember 10 years ago I thought I'd be an old man before PA had medical. I'm still in my prime and PA has medical! Recreation is just around the corner, pretty wide spread support. My anti weed smoking father is even for it, on account of the $$$...
  17. HellsWindStaff

    The Mighty by Storz & Bickel

    To piggyback on this, an Underdog power supply works albeit without pass trough
  18. HellsWindStaff

    Firewood Vaporizer

    I apologize if this has been answered but does the ceramic tray reverse? I would rather reverse it then it sticking 4 bowls out the back Didn’t even know this existed until yesterday looks awesome!
  19. HellsWindStaff

    Recent Acquisitions - Post Your New Pieces Here

    I just got this a couple weeks back, sorry for Instagram link but easier then me taking pictures and this really shows it off well
  20. HellsWindStaff


    So, back in high school, me and my buddies would get high and dream of the future. "Medical weed is taking off!" "More states are getting it" "One day in our lifetime, we can buy weed from the store" Well, last week, was that day! I don't have my card (I want to buy guns and figure true...
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