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  1. Abysmal Vapor

    TinyMight Vaporizer

    That is one teardown done the right and safe way,lol.. Vaped some CBD goodness trough the TM tonight at 5.5 trough my big j-hook stem,got pretty nice hits and am feeling really fresh :)),can really see myself spending some more time exploring this balanced feeling :)). @Summer Oak might not be a...
  2. Abysmal Vapor

    Cool Music to Vape to - Part 2

  3. Abysmal Vapor

    Best Party/Festival-Vape

    There are a couple on yt :). The TM is totally worth its price.You wont regret it,this vape is build to last :). I vape only trough water and this is the only vaporizer i can handle in direct draw.The cooling units are very thoughtfull, i dont think there is any other stem on any vape that...
  4. Abysmal Vapor

    Best Party/Festival-Vape

    Sad those are no more ,i have the feeling you would dig it :)).
  5. Abysmal Vapor

    Who Wants To Win A Dab Rig Setup?

  6. Abysmal Vapor

    Tetra P80

    @dimmusp This is not the TetraX thread,maybe you will have better luck there. To me sounds there is a problem with the 510 connection. If you rotate different atomizers trough the same mod,they all have their contact pin extented at slightly different depth,and the deepest would push it at a...
  7. Abysmal Vapor

    Purifyzer Vaporizer

    I was about to post about that one,but you beat me to it :)). Looks really interesting,curious to see how it plays out. I wonder if the technology involved really justifies the 400$ pricetag or is it just the cool looks, for sure 15$ for a single stainless basket screen is a bit too much,lol...
  8. Abysmal Vapor

    MUSA Wooden Vape

    There is a chance they just mislabled the proportion. Pretty sure the standard of that brand for that size is 17mm,you can check either with the seller to measure them or look at the official site ;),but you will still have to cut them to size.
  9. Abysmal Vapor

    TinyMight Vaporizer

    @imor jones It is not that it is dangerous,just the drain of the battery is so quick,that for the few seconds of operation,there isnt anysense in feeding it only 2 amps trough the charger.. also adds beeing tethered to smth..There isnt a pass trough,for a pass trough you will need at least 5v...
  10. Abysmal Vapor

    NFC Alpine 2020 - Induction Heater

    There is a discount code SV20 for 20% off. But i dont think that code is going anywhere since its been running even before that IH was available from what i see ,,so i would rather wait and see what others have to say :).
  11. Abysmal Vapor

    Favorite convection vape (as of June 2020)?

    Tinymight and TuboX are my favorite electric portables,but Gn0me's are my all time favorites.I was so sad when the maker retired,that i spent hours in mastering the process and also broke a lot glass in the run so i can re-create them,it is a real mindfuck how something looking that simple,can...
  12. Abysmal Vapor

    Nova by Doug's Woodery

    Thx for the correction. I meant Daisy by Peace,but to my excuse i do not monitor this type of vapes,where you inhale the jet stream directly.It is funny how many people would hate to have brass and plastics in their vapes,but dont mind inhaling off a 1200C flame that comes from a plastic path...
  13. Abysmal Vapor

    Quitting vaping coz of throat irritation

    Do you use water filtration ? I get irritated throat from dry sessions,i can handle one,but two in a row is knife in the windpipe .. Use himalayan salt for garge,i use very salty solutions. I have a nose spray with it too.. which i make myself.The nose solution shouldnt be more than 1-3% ,if you...
  14. Abysmal Vapor

    TinyMight Vaporizer

    A friend got one of these Phoenix with freezable coils,turned out coils are not freezable. It bursted in his fridge and he got reply from the seller ,that freezer is too cold and to keep the next one in the fridge,a refridgerable coil ? :D Edited: But the seller replaced it free of charge,so...
  15. Abysmal Vapor

    Vapey God Mother....

    I want the Bud Toaster from @Hippie Dickie ,haha ! This two are also on the list :D..
  16. Abysmal Vapor

    TinyMight Vaporizer

    @dimmusp I use the FC-1000 from dhgate.Bought it few years ago from StevenIMZ for 49 delivered.. best deal ever.
  17. Abysmal Vapor

    Other brands of Accessories that fit the TinyMight.

    You can get 14mm glass WPA and i think also custom wooden stems ,just message @Alan , @khelek41girl probably can hook you with some wooden beauties too. I guess you can get splinter stems at various places or opt out for the one offered on the official site.
  18. Abysmal Vapor

    How To Post Images Using I just used this one. You can drag photos,Copy/paste the photo/insert the photo url,whatever you like.
  19. Abysmal Vapor

    The Grasshopper

    @VGOODIEZ Congrats on becomming a HL representative,for sure they need a true CS Jedi to get them out of this mess .I am sure it will be a huge relief for many,hopefully this will stir the thread in a more positive direction. Are you just representing them only at the forum,or you are taking...
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