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    NewVape FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    Diffuser plugs on the vrod? It already has no center hole, it’s why I prefer the weedeater 19 hole diffuser in the vrod, more so for concentrates as the vapor spends less time in the hot air path in the diffuser. Different strokes for different folks I guess. It also has a lot to do with the rig...
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    NewVape FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    So, this thread up again? Anyone see/order the new glass bowl?
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    FS 710 Coils, Bangers, Sic and Ruby inserts.

    All purchased direct from 710 Coils. 25mm US coil, banger and sic insert $Sold. 30mm US coil, banger and ruby insert $Sold. Prices are net to me after fees(if any), shipped to any US 50. No trades.
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    For Sale FS 14mm Glass Rigs

    $120 net to me shipped to any US 50 for all three or $60 each. No trades.
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    For Sale Cart Lovers Sale

    Four unopened Stach Pens and two Yocan Uni’s with multiple magnetic cart adapters. $58 net to me, shipped to any US 50.
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    For Sale FS XL Double Diffused RBR Bear Mountian Studios

    Will ship clean as new. Includes matching cap. $700 net to me, shipped and insured to any US 50. RBR banger not included but available for an additional $150. No trades please.
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    Rio Portable Dab Rig with Extras

    Sold. Works like new. Comes with extra black base and glass rig. I can’t find the rubber plugs so you can transport it with water in the glass but not needed to function) $210 net to me, shipped within the US only. No trades please.
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    Maxvapor PID

    Works like new, I just use a dual controller now. $210 net to me shipped within US. No trades please.
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    Ultimate Enail Setup / MaxVapor / 710 Coils / Leisure Glass

    710 Coils 25mm axial coil, banger and clip. MaxVapor controller(case and dab mats included) and a US made glass Incycler made by Leisure. I will also include a US custom made bubble carb cap that I won in a contest for free. Retail for all is $644, selling for $460(net to me) shipped to any US...
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    V-Rod Complete Setup

    New Vape Vrod, sic dish, wrapped handle, NV coil(also works with an Auber wired controller with included adapter), NV controller, controller covered stand, 2 hole carb cap, complete ABV can with brush and knocker, excellent 18mm glass piece that works great with flower, oil and both. Total...
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    NewVape FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    You mean Block the hole to the banger stem with a screen and let the weed fly around in the banger.
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    NewVape FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    We don’t need no stinking screens, lol.
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    DCup Desktop Vaporizer by NewVape

    Now if they just came out the back, lol(I’m sure you could have but you prefer the front). Very nice build!!
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    NewVape FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    I’m still using the same NV double weave Ti screen from July and see no reason to change it yet, pretty cheap if you ask me.
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    NewVape FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    Will the nut still fit?
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    Rio Portable Dab Rig by Stache Products

    I like the round bottom for small tasty dabs and the V1 banger better then the v2 for larger/hotter dabs. I like the function and looks of the bubble oil catcher on the v1 banger.
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    Rio Portable Dab Rig by Stache Products

    Round bottom low temp reheat. Best tasting reheats I have had. Adding a little more torch time each session trying to get it to vape to a thin moist film without a reheat and without bad taste or char.
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    RBR Recycler With Opal and CFL Glass

    Excellent function I just prefer larger pieces. Great oil/dab rig(kinda what it was designed for). Paid $160 and picked up local, $150 net to me, shipped USPS Priority 2-3 day to any US 50. This is a US glass piece made by a Colorado glass blower. Thanks for looking. Banger, insert and cap not...
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    Recent Acquisitions - Post Your New Pieces Here

    They are like Pringle’s. This one is the standard with Crippy lip and cap.
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