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  1. FLskwat

    Kush Sci. Nano Mite 225 US$

    So as I'm getting a new piece about the same size, I'm selling my beloved Scientific Kush Nano Mite for a little spare space & cash :\ ! It's a beautiful DI 14 mm. nano piece (around 7") with thick base and straight top-drop dome! The label is starting to peel off as you can see the black label...
  2. FLskwat

    Arizer Solo black M-104 + Stems & Charger

    Selling my first solo, M-104 (this is the one with ceramic coating in the heating chamber, and it runs pretty hot!). It is black. It comes with the default charger & stems (at that time it was 2 bended stems with only 2 wholes). I'm asking 125 US$ for it. It will of course be totally...
  3. FLskwat

    Eclipse Vape by Essential VAAAP (purple)

    Selling my almost unused EV-101 in his complete package. It is purple, comes with its carrying case, 2 big vials, 1 small (I have lost the caps of those vials...), the o-ring and screen. I'm asking 40 US$ for it. It will of course be totally clean before transportation! I can ship...
  4. FLskwat

    Magik Wand V2

    So I'm selling my Magik Wand V2 and all its bowls & attachments! As you might know/remember this is a water pipe dedicated vaporizer. It was done by Hippi. This is the V2 and it runs VERY hot as the ceramic heater is the biggest I know on the market! It comes with a variable temp. US...
  5. FLskwat

    Incognito Vape (black) as NEW !

    Hi FC, I'm selling my almost unused black Icognito Vape. As some of you might remember this vape was done by Hippi. It is an American volts/plugg unit. It is basically a BIG caramic heater , with variable temp (temp. knob at the bottom + green led as indicator) in a glass casing (with 18.8 mm...
  6. FLskwat

    2 X 14 mm. Ti Nails & 2 X 18 mm. Ti Nails & 1 Glass Ti Nail

    So I'm selling : 2 x 14 mm Ti Nails : one is pretty deep and walls are thin, the other one is less deep but with thick walls. 2x 18 mm TI nails: both are pretty large, but rather flat. 1 x glass nail but with no joint size as it is supposed to stay on the bottom of your piece's "downstem"...
  7. FLskwat

    Hitman Mini Turbine + B. Wilson Slide + Adaptors

    Hitman Mini Turbine tube 18 MM. green in prestine conditions + B. Wilson famous glass screen slide + a 18/14 mm. male2male adaptor & a Female 18/14 mm reducer (both will enable you to use the hitman as an oil rig). I'm asking 310€ / 390 US$ for the whole package! To this you will have to...
  8. FLskwat

    SGW Gear perc + SGW slide + Labworx Skillet (all 14 mm.)

    A little 14 mm. SGW Gear perc in pristine conditions with its original slide + the 14 mm. Labworx skillet & Curve. Perfect all-in-one combo as you can combust, vape flowers with a hose and vape oils with the skillet: (sorry for the pix poor quality and the uncleaned glass...I'm a...
  9. FLskwat

    Hitman Mini Turbine + SGW Gear perc+ Labworx Skillet + Slides & Adaptors

    So this is my first thread here, so to follow the rules I will make one global transaction here with everything and a good GLOBAL price and will also post separated sales for each piece! So I would like to sell (EVERYTHING IS IN PRISTINE CONDITIONS AND WILL BE CLEANED PERFECTLY BEFORE...
  10. FLskwat

    My trip to NorCal: pleasure & work can be associated!

    So I just came back from a 2 weeks trip to the Bay Area and NorCal with my wife. I had the opportunity to mix both pleasure & work (vapor) during my stay and weather was exceptional! First of all, a friendly big up to my buddy DubCRider, as we stayed at his place in SF. We have visited all the...
  11. FLskwat

    L'Oracle: Vaporisateur Infrarouge de BMI

    Alors, je joue avec mon Oracle ( ) depuis un mois maintenant, et il est temps de vous donner mon avis! Je tiens remercier lquipe de BMI pour la communication incroyable que nous avons eu ensemble depuis que je l'ai achet. Bogdan a rpondu toutes mes...
  12. FLskwat

    7th FLOOR-SSV

    Pour moi, a reste le roi des vapos "tube" dits "de salon"... Je posterais une revue complte de cet incroyable machine, mais vous avez maintenant un fil spcialement ddi. N'hsitez pas venir vous y exprimer!
  13. FLskwat

    Volcano (Classic & Digital) par Storz & Bickel

    C'est celui que les gens connaissent le mieux... Et malgr un prix trs lev, on ne peut pas lui reprocher grand chose... N'hsitez pas poser vos questions, donnez votre avis ou vos conseils sur notre bon vieux et efficace 'CANO! ;)
  14. FLskwat

    Les recettes avec de l'AEV (A t vap) !

    Bon bah voil, merci de poster ici les diffrentes mthodes culinaires que vous avez pour tout extraire de votre chre petite plante, ainsi qu'un tuto clair par recette, pour que nous puissions tous nous amuser aux fourneaux!!!! :D
  15. FLskwat

    What "PASSIONS" do you have other then vaping?

    So, I just wanted to know what are your other passions/hobbies etc... other then the one we all have obviously in commun here! I am an Extreme sports addict and need to ride & slide to feel good. I've discovered Freebord: a few years ago (it's a Bay Area product, Cali...
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