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  1. wrightstuff18

    Taking apart the firefly 2

    The littel tiny holes in the screen gets clogged and are imopssible to clean!!! anyone here ever take it appart and give it a good clena?? WHo has the balls!! I started and chickened out!!
  2. wrightstuff18

    How do u guys decarb ?

    That my man is a BRILLIANT idea! I am letting my wife order that sous vide now!! lol
  3. wrightstuff18

    Discontinued Elevape SV

    Can anyone here compare this to the ff2?
  4. wrightstuff18

    How the "Best Of" threads work. Post nominations here.

    The MFLB is the most unassuming vape of all time!! we need a best of the best for the MFLB!!
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