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    External 18650 Battery Pack and Adapter for the GrassHopper

    I built a battery pack and adapter for my hopper and it works amazingly well. 119+ full power hits per charge compared to a new stock battery, which gave me 6 full power hits. It runs off (4) Sony 18650 batteries and requires no modification to the Grasshopper itself. The Aluminum piece also...
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    Stainless glass stem adapter mod (for Apollo) x2

    I have 2 extra pieces here from old atomizers (rose v2 clone) that work very well for adapting the Apollo to work with 18mm male (LSV, DBV type) glass stems. Instructions are simple. 1) Remove the stock glass tube from the Apollo. 2) Remove the stock herb chamber cap. 3) Insert the...
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    Grasshopper, dented, scratched or broken. Working or not.

    I want one to hack! Are you tired of sending it in for repairs? Sell it to me and walk away clean. Send me a pm.
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    Grasshopper Modification Thread.

    I see a Grasshopper Modification thread in our future, so I figured beat the mods to it, and start one. :) I know, why modify a great device with a lifetime warranty? Why not? Who is going to be the first to cut the back end off the hopper and fit up 510 threads? I really wonder if the...
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    Custom Copper Nickel Vise and Arbor Jaws For Rosin Tech.

    Hey guys and gals, I am testing the waters here to see how much interest there is in custom made rosin jaws for Vises and Arbor presses. All made from 90/10 copper nickel designed for rosin tech extraction. For those with a small dedicated rosin vise, I can make blocks that get glued in...
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    Thank you...

    I just want to say thanks to all the firefighters, rescue workers and pud linemen who have busted ass this fire season and through this past major wind storm. Fire season is not even over yet... I heard this last wind storm was the most powerful ever recorded for the month of August and...
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    Uncle Jonnys Super Kush Totally Chillaxed Sticky-Icky Informative Marijuana News Report

    From the 4/20 Daily show. I searched and if this is a repost, delete please!
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    help identifying the rebuildable globe type atty in this video

    I know uptech makes the ceramic donut replacement in this video but I am really looking for is this rebuildable type atty for globes. I do not see it on their site? Anyone recognize it? thanks
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