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    Moldy buds?? help please

    So, I was curing my buds (first time) and I noticed one jar was moldy (spider silk like, white). I forgot to open it for a while. Yes, I'm dumb. I threw it away. In the other one there was no visible mold on first sight. I went though the jar and found maybe 2 buds that were maybe bad (small...
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    Uprgrade from Iolite /worth waiting for Firefly2 EU?

    Hi everyone, I have the original Iolite vaporizer for nearly 3 years. I kinda like it, but there's a few things I dislike. I like: Portability. Performance, strong vapor. It gets me baked AF every time. I don't like: The vapor is harsh and too hot sometimes. Fixed temp, but the pre-set one...
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