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    Alfa Vaporizer by goboof

    Except for a few websites it's not sold anymore. It's a refined conduction heating system which can bring the best flavor on low, pull out clouds on med level and can vaporize concentrates on high level. Definitively underrated!
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    EU alternatives to Vapefiend

    Jahvaporizer and LCV are drived by the same peoples, it's a very nice shop with a lot of novelties despite the website looks a bit outdated. One of my favourite! Verdampnotchmal is another top notch retailer but they didn't have cheap shipping prices and they never offer big promos. Vaposhop is...
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    Alfa Vaporizer by goboof

    Too bad they never build a "Pro" or "2.0" version including a replacement battery feature and more T° options , it's still in my weekly rotation although.
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    Looking for reviewers to test the Dablamp E-Rig

    Hi @Dablamp , your e-rig seems rather innovative , please count me in if there is still some testing spots available, have a few e-rigs for comparison also! Edit: just saw the 2 settings only, is it firmware updatable? Like the design!
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    X-Max Ace Vaporizer by TopGreen

    Like you said it's compatible with the Starry wpa since it's only some tubing with a glass ground connector on a side. Although there is no more direct WPA for the Ace at the moment. About your questions, the Ace need a fine/medium grounded load packed down since it's conduction, if you want to...
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    Tafée Bowle

    Where please, I gave a search and didn't found it? TIA
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    anyone can suggest me a good 510 deck to buil a mod based vaporizer ? Dreamwood, Stempod...etc etc clone.,

    One detail which make the Glow to work so well is the 2 bottom air inlets are directly under the 2 hottest parts of the coil (the 2 spots with spires), so all air entering is effectively heated, smart build imho!
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    HERBIE 510 Stainless Steel Mesh Vaporizer

    Yes it pairs very well with the Nunchaku, although resistance isn't stable enough and can't be locked, I hope the "2" have better TC. I got mixed results with my HB510, I put it away a few weeks and started again with it today and I'm pretty happy atm! @oddjobold was so nice, he sent me a few...
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    AVS m22

    Do you have a link, please?
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    The Mobile Vaporization Pipe by Fadespace

    Hi, I saw this device while looking at the website by curiosity: Strange design isn't it? I don't understand where is the mouthpiece. It's a preorder only (450$!). Although it seems there is a lot interesting features under the skin...
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    Tafée Bowle

    Personnaly I found it slightly smelly but it was right after unboxing, a few hours later it was fine enough to gave it a try and after one bowl it disappeared totally. Did somebody else noticed some small bugs? I experimented a few bowls to begin with 2 blank hits, everything seems to work as...
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    Please, Is somebody nice can teach me about how to post a video?

    Ok, that's some great infos and links, I'll advertise you when I'll post my first! TY
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    Please, Is somebody nice can teach me about how to post a video?

    Could you elaborate why it's the best bet? I suppose cause it's dedicaced to videos posting. So mp4 is better than MOV? I think the last I did was in MOV and it was the pre-selected file type I believe. What quality sizeI have to select to get a nice image considering my low internet...
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    Is the Dr Dabber Switch worth for dry herb?

    Some good vaporizers can give you the darker abv without to get any hint of taste of combustion while some vaporizers can give you a combusted flowers taste despite the load is still plenty of green. Although there is not so much bad vaporizers around at the moment. Never tested the Switch but...
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    X-Max Ace Vaporizer by TopGreen

    Hi, here I got the confirmation from our engineers, the ACE's whole heating chamber is made of ceramic, and then a layer of black glaze is fired at high temperature on the inner wall of the heating chamber. This kind of glaze is common on ceramic products in our daily life, so there is no need...
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    Concentrates for Noobs - Q&A

    You can start between 500-550, I don't recommand you to go beyond 600 to preserve the taste of your expensive concentrates, I use myself 520 and sometime dab as low as 490, after that's all a matter of personnal preferences! Whow Sapphire is the best material to deal with, maybe I'm wrong with...
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    Pen Yocan Apex Mini with heating in waves function for concentrate

    That "heat in wave" technology looks pretty smart and innovative. I applaude you Yocan for this idea. Could you elaborate about the atomizer improvement you mentionned? Is it specific to the Apex Mini?
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    Please, Is somebody nice can teach me about how to post a video?

    It may depends, but it's pretty short (1-5mn) and I don't use the best image quality, in example I have one which is only 81.6Mo but I have up of 200Mo files also. The last I did was a MOV file, I know there is mp4...which is the better file sort to use ? Thank you
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    Please, Is somebody nice can teach me about how to post a video?

    Hi, I know that looks silly but I tried but never was able to load them in Vimeo cause the too small internet flow rate I have. I think it's around 300Mo. I tried with Imgur or Postimage, one of this image hoster allows to post videos also but I encountered the same issue, the upload failed...
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    Tafée Bowle

    Bowle is beautifull! Work as expected (even better!) with flowers, whatever the load size, grind consistency and drawing technic,... it works. Although after I seen @Shit Snacks use wax with pad I gave it a try... but gave up after a few hits at level 4 without vapor and just a hint of taste...
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