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  1. robbie

    Dynavap VapCap

    Very interesting.. perhaps a water filter/adapter is more suited. Just to stop particles from flying into the back of the throat and giving less opportunity for condensation.
  2. robbie

    Dynavap VapCap

    Anyone notice the residue this thing can cause on the side of your bong/water piece compared to other vapes? Have yet to try it with another strain, but when milking up a bong with just one hit this thing can cause yellowish stuff to form on the side of the glass. I am assuming that it is...
  3. robbie

    The Meditation Thread

    Does it count as meditation if I am unintentionally thinking about absolutely nothing :sherlock: Jokes aside I think the scheduling process alone can improve your life as it teaches discipline, there isn't much better you could choose to schedule on your free time first, and its believable that...
  4. robbie

    Would this be a good start? Suggestions?

    Well its certainly different. However the THC cough should be separated from the smoke cough as it will happen even with smooth vapor if its strong enough. You should be able to adjust the vapor/dose with practice, there are induction heaters for it too which make the process much simpler and...
  5. robbie

    Would this be a good start? Suggestions?

    As a previous pipe smoker, A dynavap/cap sounds perfect if you enjoyed your pipes. It gives you a more or less identical experience without the combustion.. it wont be quite as harsh as a pipe and it will be 100x tastier, and youd be hard pressed to find a more convenient vape for having sneaky...
  6. robbie

    Banger without water?

    Flower user mostly. It isn't even water soluble, so I personally don't buy water filtration affecting potency.. Flavor perhaps.. But the water is providing a wall against things that will otherwise be caught further up the pipes or in your mouth/throat so I think it is worth it.. It also cools...
  7. robbie

    is flowermate cap the best first vaporizer around 50eu ?

    Have you tried looking for coupons? A dynavap from here in the UK is the equivalent of 78 euros on vapefiend, but I got it down to 65 by googling for coupons. Unless he is broke.. If he really wants it he will be willing to pay a little bit more.. Otherwise it doesn't sound like much of a...
  8. robbie

    Stink wont stay away?!

    Its a pretty unique smell dirty vape bong water. Kind of smells like what you would imagine a damp unwashed hippy to smell like minus the Body Odor. I rinse mine out with hot water, salt and hand sanitizer at the end of the day, and it gets rid of that unsightly condensation that forms...
  9. robbie

    Herbalize store(uk) in trustpilot

    Yeah, it's really sad to see all of the businesses that are suffering because of this madness.. so many independent online stores are bursting like balloons.
  10. robbie

    Herbalize store(uk) in trustpilot I thought this might be worth warning, in case anyone else was thinking about. Making orders. Personally the feedback, and the responses put me off enough to stay well away for now, although their prices seem pretty good.. but I have no...
  11. robbie

    Ordering from overseas in the UK

    Namaste Just restocked it! Sadly it was a few hours after I ordered a dynavap with that cute rippah bubbler from vapefiend -_- Thanks for thoughtfully spotting that out for me though, because it is indeed what I was looking for. its a bit of a bummer that I missed it, but I think I will like...
  12. robbie

    Products that make you go...........hmmmmm... Hmmmmm..
  13. robbie

    Da Buddha

    I just found an essential oils kit hiding in a bookshelf from a very long time ago. I put the bowl on top of my DBV and added a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Now my room smells heavenly, and my sinus is being cleared. I never thought about using it, or aromatherapy in general for this before, but...
  14. robbie

    Herb Grinders

    I've been using the same £5 dodgy ebay grinder for about 8 years. It would seem they have inflated to 6.50.
  15. robbie

    CBD Concentrates (wax/rosin/shatter/hash/distillates)

    Have you thought about trying out some flowers instead? It just might be an idea, if you have never tried it before. Taking a dab on your first ever time seems like overkill when a vape from some buds or something less potent might be all you need, CBD wise. Cheaper too. - Edit, nevermind, I...
  16. robbie

    Mail Order CBD

    Some cheese from very late last year I haven't managed to finish yet. Nice and relaxing, great for off days to keep the medication flowing and the craving down. Also on another note, to those concerned, it would appear might be going down.. Just got a forward from them..
  17. robbie

    Ordering from overseas in the UK

    Welp. It would seem like all of the coveted vapes that aren't big brand come from across the waters of the world. Has anybody from the UK made any non-domestic orders recently? If so were there additional charges? I have no idea what the status is at the moment of post in general, but most of...
  18. robbie

    The Official CannaBreak Thread

    I believe it is because of the way THC tickles the mucous membranes, but there is so much misinformation out there that I have heard genuinely educated people say "Its just because you shouldn't be taking in so much smoke/vapor" Ridonkulous. I think most of us generally just notice the...
  19. robbie

    Tafée Bowle

    Thanks for the review, it looks like a really efficient satisfying and therapeutic device to use that gives you a lot of control. I really like the glass, it makes it all the more pretty and discreet. Maybe a winter edition with a built in drink warmer would be an idea! haha.
  20. robbie


    I think a lot of people seriously underestimate the power of microdosing. Many peoples first dose is a fully loaded joint or bowl, and they will get absolutely demolished that first time, then their tolerance regulates that to a normal amount.. I believe through controlled use you can reach...
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