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  1. macbill

    Nectar Collectors - another way to consume concentrates

    Nectar Collectors - dip the torched glass tip into a concentrate source, and inhale. Pictured: discontinued Simba Aardvark nectar collector
  2. macbill

    Montana Cannabis News

    Montana federal prosecutor warns of dangers of pot legalization ahead of vote Montana's top federal prosecutor is urging voters to tread carefully before voting to legalize recreational marijuana, taking the unusual step of jumping into a political debate about a ballot initiative in the weeks...
  3. macbill

    Cannabis Containers in the Wild

    Some pre-packaged cannabis goes the extra mile in presentation. Here is an half oz of Indica "Cookies", in a cookie jar.
  4. macbill

    XROS from Vaporesso

    Looks like a PAX ERA competing product, but with refillable cartridges.
  5. macbill

    Cannabis Syrup: Have You Had It?

    This amazing Cannabis syrup comes in over 9 different flavors and is very strong with approximately 1000 mg solvent free hash per each 4 oz bottle!!!!!! One 4 oz vial of flavored liquid has 1,000 mgs of THC. Intense?
  6. macbill

    NFC California Cannabis News

    a continuation of FC Thread California bribery case highlights corruption allegations engulfing the state’s cannabis industry When federal attorneys in California announced bribery charges last week against two Calexico city officials who allegedly accepted $35,000 in cash bribes in exchange...
  7. macbill

    NFC Florida Cannabis News

    a continuation of FC Thread Florida medical marijuana sales surged last week The May 22 update from the Office of Medical Marijuana Use shows considerable increase in sales volume week over week. Interestingly, the increased volume happened during a week when flower sales dipped, suggesting...
  8. macbill

    NFC Virginia Cannabis News

    a continuation of FC Thread Virginia Governor Officially Signs Marijuana Decriminalization Bills Into Law The governor of Virginia signed a pair of identical bills on Thursday (5/21/20) to decriminalize marijuana possession in the state.
  9. macbill

    NFC Whatcha doin' while you're isolated? The Quarantine Thread

    a continuation of FC Thread
  10. macbill

    NFC Washington State Cannabis News

    a continuation of FC Thread COVID-19 delays mandatory pesticide testing for Washington state recreational cannabis The coronavirus pandemic has scuttled government efforts in Washington state to require pesticide testing for recreational marijuana, dealing a setback to an idea that has been...
  11. macbill

    NFC Alaska Cannabis News

    a continuation of FC thread Alaska Rescinds Marijuana Rule Meant to Limit Coronavirus Spread Due To Federal Prohibition Alaska marijuana regulators abruptly reversed themselves last week, repealing their own policy meant to limit the spread of coronavirus because they feared federal law...
  12. macbill

    NFC Colorado Cannabis News

    a continuation of FC thread Colorado Expects Falling Tourism, Wages to Hurt Weed Sales Marijuana sales hit another record in March, according to Colorado Department of Revenue data released on May 11, with dispensaries selling more weed that month than in any previous March. But that success...
  13. macbill

    NFC New York Cannabis News

    a continuation of FC thread Help wanted, no pot test required: New NYC law takes effect New York City has barred many employers from making job applicants get tested for marijuana use, under a law that took effect over the weekend.
  14. macbill

    NFC Cookie Monster (revisited)

    a continuation of FC thread Although I used a mixture of Everclear and distillate to place drops in cookies to bake, there is no reason you couldn't buy a syringe of distillate and just add a drop or two per cookie and call it good.
  15. macbill

    NFC Canadian Cannabis News

    A continuation of FC thread Pediatricians seeing a growing demand for medical cannabis for kids Most Canadian pediatricians are shying away from medical cannabis for patients, knowing that it can hurt the developing brain and that there isn’t much research to guide them. But physicians say they...
  16. macbill

    NFC Cannabis' Effects on the Brain

    a Continuation of FC Thread Body's own marijuana helps us forget traumatic memories The endogenous compound anandamide—often referred to as the body's own marijuana—plays a role in erasing memories of a traumatic event. This was discovered by an international team led by Leiden chemist Mario van...
  17. macbill

    Cookie Monster

    So I made a very strong tincture: 50% Everclear 50% distillate, which I keep in the freezer. When I want to partake, one method I use is to use a small scoop to scoop out pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough. I make a hole in each with a chopstick, and add six drops or 7 (or 8) in each one.
  18. macbill

    Home Cannabis Testing

    Has anyone seen or tried this? The CannaDX - Portable Cannabis Potency and Chemical Analyzer. The CannaDx™ sensor will allow you to test your cannabis potency (% THC) on site. It also detects other cannabinoids (such as CBD and CBN) as well as 20+ terpenes, providing you with a Total Canna...
  19. macbill

    Strangely Named Cannabis Strains

    Grandpa’s Breath Strain Grandpa’s Breath is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic OG Kush with the infamous Grand Daddy Purple strain.
  20. macbill

    North Dakota Decriminalizes Cannabis

    North Dakota quietly decriminalized marijuana North Dakota quietly decriminalized marijuana earlier this month, making it the 25th state to do so.
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