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  1. -dab8-

    Help finalizing a 420 portable purchase

    Hello everyone! I know threads like this are a little cliché, but I have narrowed the choices down, and done a good amount of research and narrowed the choices down this time. I’ve been watching hundreds of reviews and reading thousands of posts here, but I still can’t seem to come to a...
  2. -dab8-

    Argo vs Starry 2 (or 3), vs...???

    So I’m looking at portable vapes. I have a few DynaVaps which I adore, but I’m curious about checking out a portable battery powered version. I DO have a splinter V1 on the way, but I plan to use that more for at home, and am looking more for an all in one unit. -My research thus far has led...
  3. -dab8-

    Immune system vs. cannabis

    I was sick more in 2018 than ever before. There are many factors, so I can’t blame cannabis, but I have heard it does affect the immune system. Recently I have been sick for a month. I was just diagnosed with mono. Should I avoid cannabis to let my immune system recover? Also, mono can...
  4. -dab8-

    Dealie buddy vs dealie babe or other water pipe

    So I saw domoredealie has 30% off of their two vapor cooling water pipes. I really like the form factor, with a few caveats. Seems like it would be super easy to clean as opposed to most bongs and water pipes since you can just take the lid off. My question is does anyone have experience with...
  5. -dab8-

    Is reclaim actually worth it?

    Lazy? I prefer underwhelmingly motivated. Or is that just something lazy people say. I digress. Is reclaim worth it? Seems like a B do, and some of the methods seem like they yield questionable purity. Should I just iso my stuff, rinse, and repeat? Or do I actually try to reuse the stuff...
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