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  1. nonamekevin

    For Sale Stick bricks, elev8r, SSV, Mendo Mulchers

    Hello friends! Moving/quitting sale. All items are cleaned and ready to go. I'm putting up here before going to reddit, as I'd rather these vapes see a good FC home! All prices are shipped to lower 48 via usps. SSV Package - $SOLD Dabbing Specialist enail w/ 20mm barrel coil and 16mm modded...
  2. nonamekevin

    NFC Glass recommendation please

    I thought i was going to order one of the new vape 9.5" bent neck pieces, but prices look like that have almost doubled?! I thought I remember them being $65 not too long ago. What I like about new vapes piece: -...
  3. nonamekevin

    Sub $100 portable recommendation please.

    Hello friends! I hope this finds you all well, enjoying the new board. I'm looking for some recommendations for portable vaporizers that are less than $100 all in (batteries, chargers, stems, whatever). I'm not familiar with the battery powered vapes on the market, so I'm reaching out...
  4. nonamekevin

    Do we have any glass blowers who do custom pieces?

    Who are the glass blower homies on the forums that do custom work? Interested in pursuing an idea. :rockon:
  5. nonamekevin

    My contribution to the all-glass, enail powered, dry herb vape

    Hello friends, First, I don't know if I would call this a true diy, as I did not blow the glass myself. I only designed the piece and commissioned a glass blower to make it. Anyway, I drew inspiration from the Elev8r vape. It is by far the heaviest vape I've used, and my primary heat source...
  6. nonamekevin

    [Manufacturers] Beta Tester Search

    Hey friends, I understand there are several members on here who have acted as beta testers for upcoming vapes and accessories, so I'm wondering if there is a running list of those members? I have some ideas, and have commissioned some pieces to be made that I would be interested in receiving...
  7. nonamekevin

    [20mm enail users] Asking a favor

    Hello friends, For those of you that use a 20mm enail coil, would you be able to provide some information for me? I'm interested in finding the average dimensions for 20mm barrel style enail coils, all brands. If you use a 20mm barrel style enail coil, and you have a pair of calipers, would...
  8. nonamekevin

    Glass 2-Piece Butane Vape

    Not sure what name you would call it, or if you even consider this a vape. Here's what I've done.
  9. nonamekevin

    Heavy hitters only (non/portable)

    I'm really looking into my next vape and want the heavy hitters. Need recommendations from y'all. Daily user here. I love both my flip brick and runt, currently on the flip brick because it's the newest. I use my dynacoil for concentrates. Multiple bowls a night through the flip, dyna-dabs on...
  10. nonamekevin

    Dynavap lot

    ALL ITEMS SOLD, THANKS EVERYONE. For Sale/Trade, I am clearing out my dynavap lot. Everything is either new or meticulously cleaned. Simply on to different vapes. PayPal only, and only interested in trades for stuff in the sticky brick lineup, supreme, vapor genie or other butane vapes...
  11. nonamekevin

    A tattoo thread

    Hello, Been interested in tattoos for a while, but never pulled the trigger. I searched and didn't see a post already about tattoos, so I apologize if this is a duplicate. It would be cool to hear from everyone and share pics/thoughts on all stuff regarding tattoos. Why did you get a certain...
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