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  1. Rollingstoned

    Enano Stand

    if anyone has an epic vape enano stand, please send me a PM. Cheers
  2. Rollingstoned

    Enano Log Vape

    Looking for an Enano log vape Located in the US Funds at the ready Cheers
  3. Rollingstoned

    Eds tnt Woodscents Testing the waters on my Eds Tnt Woodscents Its a California Redwood Burl species I have only used this unit twice, wood has been waxed weekly. Comes with matching redwood burl dynavap stem and Ti Tip, 14mm water adapter, aroma dish, power supply, unused screens and...
  4. Rollingstoned

    Volcano Hybrid
  5. Rollingstoned

    SOLD Medium wood capsule stem Hey guys, for sale is a 18mm beech medium capsule stem with glass insert, new screen and new dosing cap Only used a handfull of times, excellent condition For use with tubo evic, splinter, milaana, lil bud $40 shipped, US only 2 day shipping with tracking Thanks
  6. Rollingstoned

    Dynavap XL

    looking for a omnivap XL or nonavong xls. Please let me know, thanks!
  7. Rollingstoned

    Chestnut medium capsule stem Color: Chestnut 18mm Medium capsule stem with glass insert Ralph only made a handful of these and i doubt he will ever make them again 50 shipped Paypal (you pay the fee) Us only
  8. Rollingstoned

    Sold For sale custom tubo evic, sanded black body, orange evic Works just as new, bowl is absolutely spotless Used very gently, includes: Tubo evic 2 samsung 30Q batteries with case Charger 4 glass stems and adapters Spare screens I just received 2 new tubos so i need the...
  9. Rollingstoned

    Vapexhale Hydratube

    Looking to buy an original vape xhale hydratube Send me your offers i have Paypal ready
  10. Rollingstoned

    Who is Ataxian?

    Is he on a heavy psychedelic trip? What is a pale blue dot
  11. Rollingstoned

    Firewood 5, Splinter, Tubo evic

    Hey guys, so ive been thru a few vapes this year, and the only ones that i like are the Mighty, Vape xhale evo, Tera V3. Looking for a good on demand option since they seem to be the most efficient and hard hitting I really want a tubo evic but they seem to be pricey ($220+) splinter seems...
  12. Rollingstoned

    Tubo evic/ solo2

    Looking to buy a tubo evic or a arizer solo 2 PM me
  13. Rollingstoned

    2018 Mighty

    Like new Mighty from storz & bickel Purchased april 2018, 2 year warranty and original purchase receipt included All original accessories included Bought for my sister but she did not like the size only been used a handful of times 255 shipped paypal Us only
  14. Rollingstoned

    Best Vape aside from Mighty?

    Hey guys, i have been reading thru a lot of different vaporizer threads. I own a Mighty and Enano, and they have been the best devices to get me medicated. Tried a volcano and hated the bag system Also tried an Omnivap XL (Piece of sh**!) I am looking for a companion for my Mighty, i feel like...
  15. Rollingstoned

    Omni XL & stand

  16. Rollingstoned

    Volcano Digit 2018 (SOLD)

  17. Rollingstoned

    Enano & Induction heater

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