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  1. Skyscraper

    About old FC & NewFC: we're not sure where we're going but we're working on it

    I have tried with no luck to reach the new FC website since I heard about it. Every time I try to connect to the site it times out. I have no issues reaching the original FC forums (this one). Am I the only person having this problem?
  2. Skyscraper

    Virtual Event: 3rd Annual Cannabis Sciences Virtual Event

    I am maybe going to register for an account so I can watch the webinar. Is dry herb vaping brought up at all in the webinar?
  3. Skyscraper

    Differences between AVB and proper Decarb

    Yeah.. In my experience, the proper temp for decarbing flower for edibles is around 230 Fahrenheit, not Celsius. I don't mess with edibles too much unless making the odd batch of butter from trim/shake.. The first couple years I vaped I made various edible recipes with ABV, from firecrackers...
  4. Skyscraper

    Da Buddha ($110 Shipped)

    For sale I have a Da Buddha vaporizer. I am selling for $110 and priority mail shipping within the U.S. is included with the price. Wand, mouthpiece, stir tool, and padded bag are included. I will not send whip tubing as it is hard to clean fully. The vape was purchased new about a year ago...
  5. Skyscraper

    Amazon has vapes

    Yeah i figured as much. They also have easy vape type desktop models.
  6. Skyscraper

    Amazon has vapes

    Hey all, I lurk on these forums way more than I post.. been around here for a few years although I was never a big poster. Searching right now for whips and other accessories I came up with some funny search results on Amazon.. and some interesting designs. Will drop these for everyone's...
  7. Skyscraper

    Airvape Xs Go

    I've been eyeing this vape for a few weeks now.. How do the internals and air path look to someone who knows about that stuff?
  8. Skyscraper

    AirVape legacy

    There was another vape that I had for a while, the Focus Adventurer that had a built in water bubbler. It was not so good though.. Can't judge this unit yet but personally I don't like bubblers inside a vape or even the kind that rest above the vaporizer. It's much better to use a separate...
  9. Skyscraper

    Da Buddha

    Yeah, you can use it low temp or take monster huge rips, that will absolutely destroy you. I had a Haze vape that I used as a portable, but it started to act weird and then Haze went out of business. :/ I haven't picked up a new portable and have reverted back to smoking methods, but it's...
  10. Skyscraper

    Milestone! First year smoke free since I FuckedCombustion!

    Woah nice man. You're using some old school units too with the MFLB and log.
  11. Skyscraper

    Discontinued Haze Dual V3

    I accidentally placed one of the batteries backwards in my charger. It was only in there for a second, all three lights came up on the charger and I removed the battery. I might be paranoid about batteries but that is honestly my biggest concern with portable vapes. Should I worry about damage...
  12. Skyscraper

    Flowermate Swift Pro

    Nice. What kind of effect and vapor production do you get?
  13. Skyscraper

    The Hammer Vaporizer

    That's something that I always worried about with lifetime or even extended warranties on vapes. Being a vape manufacturer just seems like a tough business :shrug:
  14. Skyscraper

    Discontinued Haze Dual V3

    So I've noticed when I flip the switch on my Haze the light will blink red very quick and then start heating. I never noticed it until today and wonder what it could mean?
  15. Skyscraper


    Nice, of course the bats win out for portability. I guess what I'm really wondering, is it worth springing for the Sherlocks?
  16. Skyscraper


    I really enjoy my aluminum pipe VaporGenie. It can definitely help with those combustion urges. I want to snag another one, was thinking about the handcarved pipe but they have so many options that look good! All this talk about the coil makes me want one.. I'd also like to have a glass or...
  17. Skyscraper

    Discontinued Haze Dual V3

    Yes, I want to get in to some vapor-bonging and concentrate with the Haze. I can imagine the screens and cans will work well with kief and solid hash too? I can't believe I slept on the Haze for so long, I know we can't compare vapes but I was going to get the Solo 2 for the same price point..I...
  18. Skyscraper

    Got that Haze, all in my brain

    Got that Haze, all in my brain
  19. Skyscraper

    Discontinued Haze Dual V3

    I received an all black Haze V3 today. Very happy with my purchase so far. After letting the batteries charge for 6-7 hours I fired the vape up with a conduction screen. I used pretty mid grade bud for my first sessions. Very impressed with the vapor production and effect. The Haze hits smooth...
  20. Skyscraper

    Does it bother you when people refer to Vaporizing as Smoking?

    I really don't mind as far as casual conversation, but for clarity it's best to be specific. I think it's funny when people see the vapor and call it smoke :lol: you're right that it's just that combustion is the common method, most can't separate it from their heads.