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  1. JCat

    Who Wants To Win A Dab Rig Setup?

    Very cool :) @710Coils is the best "bang" for your buck :) Great product and great service!
  2. JCat

    The Official CannaBreak Thread

    @Bad Dog ... the appetite thing is the worst for me when I am on a forced break ... I literally feel unable to eat at times (I term it "reverse munchies"). I'll feel like I'm starving (I think just psychologically I know I should eat), so I sit down to a meal, have 1 or 2 bytes, and I feel so...
  3. JCat

    Hopper io

    A while back (a year or 2 ago?), I tested what the OG hopper's magnetic charger was doing, by putting a USB current monitoring device on it. What I determined is that it uses a variable rate charge, if I remember right, and will charge using 1.5+ amps initially, and then slows down to a trickle...
  4. JCat

    The Grasshopper

    In regards to battery specs, as I've said in regards to 18650's, the same applies here, there is much more to a battery then the total mAh. So the "GHB3" may have the same "specs" per say ... as in the same mAh, and essentially the same specs for all intents and purposes, however, the discharge...
  5. JCat

    Hopper io

    I wanted to post here to talk about my most recent communication with Hopper Labs, and to clarify the battery situation as far as who gets one and how it is prioritized. Based on their response, and follow through, I have to say I'm a satisfied customer. (They also followed through prior to me...
  6. JCat

    Dogs + Fireworks = CBD?

    Let me know what you find out about this ... my Doodle is super scared of thunder and fireworks!
  7. JCat

    NFC We need to get rid of the "thumb's down" vote

    It seems like there is no longer a thumbs down ...
  8. JCat

    NFC We need to get rid of the "thumb's down" vote

    @Vaporware , I appreciate your thumbs down because of the detailed explanation behind it! :lol:
  9. JCat

    NFC We need to get rid of the "thumb's down" vote

    I just want to say that this only ends up creating conflict. I saw in an unnamed forum an unnamed member (who had their 1st post removed by the way), gave a "thumb's down" vote to another member, for a well thought out, and reasonable post. (this is, by the way, the 1st instance of the "thumbs...
  10. JCat

    Hopper io

    I agree w/ @vapviking above, I think HL started posting on FC just to be able to build-up some hype about the IO to boost sales, and now that they've done that, they've disappeared again so they don't have to answer their customers about their non-existent follow through, horrible support...
  11. JCat

    Hopper io

    Wow. Worst company ever. Edit: I'm sure if you order another IO they will send you a battery! After all, who doesn't want a $300 disposable device, where when the battery is dead, you have to buy a new one. Edit Edit: If you send it in for your lifetime warranty service though, they'll be...
  12. JCat

    The Mighty by Storz & Bickel

    They are Sony VTC6 batteries. These are very simply a great cell ... highly regarded in the vaporizer community. The specs for these are 3,000mAh rated capacity w/ 3,120mAh nominal capacity. There is more to a cell then simply the mAh though ... the discharge characteristics are equally as...
  13. JCat

    Hopper io

    How would they be able to charge you for something 1-5 years in advance if they said out of stock? Saying out of stock wouldn’t mislead anyone into buying something they will not get for years! :lol:
  14. JCat

    The Mighty by Storz & Bickel

    Superb write up! Really nicely documented :)
  15. JCat

    Hopper io

    You might want to order another IO with those batteries ... otherwise you will likely never get them! ;) :doh:
  16. JCat

    Am I doing something wrong with my Dynavap? I get very weak vapor not as thick as everyone claims

    A NewVape flowerpot or VXL EVO would be right up your alley. The DV’s are great ... but a small bowl and limited as such. The DVs can really get some thick vapour, but in my experience only REALLY thick if using 20-25+% THC flower that’s really nice and sticky and coated in trichomes
  17. JCat

    Hopper io

    Great song :)
  18. JCat

    710 coils

    NewVape now sells them with the standard XLR d-nail pinout.
  19. JCat

    Heavy bong smoker trying to convert and need advice

    The elev8r isn’t really much cheaper by the time you add the coil and the enail if you want temp controlled electric and not butane though ... and then both require glass of course ... butane is fine, and I know some prefer heated that way ... but personally, I much prefer electric. That’s why...
  20. JCat

    AVS m22

    I did get my e-mail yesterday :) (and I ordered September 24th) I e-mailed Brent back right away to add the bottomless banger and M22 bubbler as well, + to pay for the DHL shipping (instead of USPS). Excited!!!
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