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  1. stinkytofus

    Want to Buy VC Ti Tips + Caps

    Looking for Dynavap Vapcap Titanium Tips 7 Fins or 5 Fins and Non-captive Caps, open to acquiring one low temp cap as well Message me with price+shipping Thanks ~~~
  2. stinkytofus

    anyone know where to get sphere xl?

    0:45 second mark, the one on the right thanks !!
  3. stinkytofus

    shipping to canada

    anything i need to be wary of? if i use ups or fedex they give me a rate, say $30, is there other fees? what do you guys put for description? what about 18650 batteries? thanks guys!
  4. stinkytofus

    Want to Buy Glass Symphony XLR, G43, De Verdamper

    Looking for a good condition & working: 1. Glass Symphony XLR 2. G43 Sled 3. De Verdamper PM me with shipped price Thanks guys!
  5. stinkytofus

    Newvape 18mm male flowerpot glass Sup guys Was wondering if anyone used showerhead with this ? Says only works with vrod and weedeater Is there dhgate cheaper alternative ? Thanks !
  6. stinkytofus

    Vapes for sale **PRICE DROPPED**

    Hate to sell these, need the dough 1. Custom Clear Glass Milaana OG V3 + Short Glass MP + Long Glass MP + OG Tin Can/Booklet/Pouch + 2x Samsung 25R & some screens (not pictured) $220 dropped to $200 Shipped -slight char in the screen, doesn't affect performance...
  7. stinkytofus

    Ti Simrell Vortex+intercooler + dynacap parts/acc

    looking for 1. Titanium Simrell vortex + intercooler 2. Titanium tip x 2 3. Stainless steel cap x 2 4. Dynastash XL x2 5. Interplanetary Development Launchpad DM me anytime, looking to get into VC
  8. stinkytofus

    Davinci IQ + Honeybird Core

    Up for sale is a Davinci IQ + a unused Honeybird Core Comes with everything you see in the picture any questions feel free to ask Pros: Honeybird Core + spacers = $80+ value, besides unit, mp, batteries, the rest are new Cons: Da Vinci IQ battery indicator is off, the vape works fine $240...
  9. stinkytofus


    i didn't take a hit for a day or two, having trouble sleeping now, i was a fast sleeper before, hit the pillow, knock out in 2 mins flat, tired or not, here i am 530am eastern time writing this, read some articles on withdrawal effects of mj, insomnia is one of them, any of you have same...
  10. stinkytofus

    Cannabutter with abv, some questions

    Does it matter if u cook it for 1 hr, 8 hrs or 24hrs ? Does this affect potency?
  11. stinkytofus

    Ghost mv1 glass mp

    Looking for ghost mv1 glass mp (works with stealth edition i assume ?) Thanks !
  12. stinkytofus

    Recommended dispensaries in cali san gabriel area?

    Heading there today, how are the prices ? Gona be in the san gabriel 91776 area Should i just get from someone rather than from dispensary?
  13. stinkytofus

    Sticky brick maxx vs new vape vrod

    Anyone own both ? Which hits harder?
  14. stinkytofus

    New vape 3" fine grinder

    Looking for one in preferably like new condition Thanks !
  15. stinkytofus

    best angled torches?

    my honest lighters broke, two of them, i mainly use it for sticky brick jr and maxx im currently looking at jobon from amazon, honest from fasttech and evo from colibri visible tank, durable, adjustable if possible you guys got other suggestions? thanks!
  16. stinkytofus

    Please close ty

    Close ty !
  17. stinkytofus

    Does your vapor get people around you lit?

    When you vape around your gf/bf or friends do they get lit ? (Based on ur personal experience) I mean whenever i vape, my gf acts more hyper and different, so i feel like she is lit but she say only a little Then this past weekend i went ktv with a bunch of my friends, after i vaped they all...
  18. stinkytofus

    Holding vs not holding

    Some people say it doesnt matter, u absorb most of the thc within 2 seconds of inhaling I think from personal experience, holding it gets me more lit, more intense, and longer duration What about you guys?
  19. stinkytofus

    Anyone own all of these ?

    Mighty Crafty Plenty Evo Milaana and/or lil bud and/or mistvape touch Based on ur experience, which two hits the hardest I have evo and milaana but curious to see what other fc'ers experiences with most if not all can give some of their opinions, looking to pick up an plenty, lil bud or...
  20. stinkytofus

    Boveda 58 vs 62

    Whats the best one for long term storage ? Im hearing 58 from some people and 62 from others
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