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    Interesting News, Articles & Stuff
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    Need help choosing dynavap stem

    And definitely look into phattpiggie stems.
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    Weird News Stories of the Day.....
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    InVerzion Vaporizer

    @TheChemist, alternative method: 3 horizontal bars upper left, opens to Forums, then New Posts. 👍
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    InVerzion Vaporizer

    This happens with some of my watched threads, too. So after I check my alerts, I click the lightning bolt on the upper right, next to the alert bell notification. Then I click on new posts & scroll through those for my watched threads that alerts didn't pick up.
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    Discontinued RBT Splinter (All Versions)

    I did the burn off & it went fine. The key is to blow into the heater during & after the heating cycle as recommended to prevent overheating.
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    Discontinued RBT Splinter (All Versions)

    @CanikUser19, If you are rarely going to be removing the Splinter from the mod, then a heatsink is not nec.
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    Joke thread

    My guess is he's most likely on a blood thinner, i.e. Coumadin.
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    Cannabis News

    I suspect NY will legalize in the April 2021 budget. NY needed the $ even before Covid. But the claim that he's been an advocate for legalization for years is total BS. He was only for it in 2018 during his past reelection bid when he was up against the Sex & the City candidate & it was in...
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    Warm-hearted News Stories

    Now this is true love:]
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    Warm-hearted News Stories
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    Interesting News, Articles & Stuff

    Oh, it gets even better - Covid 2.0 "Infection seems to be deadlier among older minks." Sound familiar? Hopefully it won't spread to other types of fur farms - chinchilla, rabbit, racoon, fox - or other...
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    Interesting News, Articles & Stuff
  14. Summer

    2020 Black Friday

    Is it an Alpha dog?
  15. Summer

    2020 Black Friday

    @arb, is that an Underdog? Nice log; looks like a phallus. :cool:
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    Do we like work in progress (wip) threads on here?

    I guess I don't understand why WIP threads are necessary. I like thread consolidation. The accessory maker for the flux IHs & subsequent versions & new models gives all his product & future updates in his 1 thread. He regularly posts his WIP thoughts & pics...
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    Underdog Log Vapes

    May be a dumb question, but why?
  18. Summer

    Underdog Log Vapes

    What do you mean shelved? Shelved means putting it back on the shelf, no longer being used.
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    Interesting News, Articles & Stuff

    *This is not posted to make any political statement. I found the psychological component of polling highly interesting.
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    TinyMight Vaporizer

    Why would you sell it since you apparently are taken with it - so much so that you decided to purchase a 2nd one?
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