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    I do not own both. Used to own a classic and a VGBat. But I have used my friends coil alot. Out of the three I would say I like the coil better. IMO the coil seems to hit a little stronger and quicker. By that I mean less time for the bowl to heat up and it gives seemingly bigger hits
  2. DevoTheStrange

    Discontinued Purple-Days Vaporizer

    The brass stems are a tiny bit looser than the stems that come with the PD.
  3. DevoTheStrange


    is that the metal part of an iolite mouthpiece/bowl?
  4. DevoTheStrange - WIN an Arizer Solo Vaporizer - We Have a Winner

    hrmmmm.. guess submitted... :ko:
  5. DevoTheStrange


    nice... opens up so many possibilities. I like seeing products evolve, and I gotta say... the Zaps are evolving in leaps and bounds it seems
  6. DevoTheStrange

    Short draw+high temp Vap?

    The lotus is great for short inhales with high volume hits... it is also portable, uses a torch flame to operate. You can get high heat hits with the lotus depending on how long you cook the top plate. The draw/inhale on it is relatively easy and not difficult. I find the length of time taking...
  7. DevoTheStrange

    vaping in dorms.

    even though your campus has a no smoking policy, the person who is enforcing them may not see any difference between smoking and vaping, to them your doing something illegal and that is not allowed. if you are concerned with smell you may want to rely upon a sploof to exhale into, and some kind...
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    another thing you can do if you only have lighters that use flint, is to have a candle handy (don't use the candle on your vape, got all kinds of soot and the likes from the wax). Light the candle before you start your vape session, and use it to ignite the gas on your flint based lighter...
  9. DevoTheStrange

    The Magic-Flight Box

    Honestly I think this would be hard to tell because most of the heat regulation in the MFLB relies on user inhale. I know with both the batteries and the power adapter can get hot enough to combust herb if there is no inhale when the power is on
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    I have a question about the rock vape... since the heat exchange is now inside the concrete cup, does the selection of wood for the vape affect the temp as much as it would without the concrete cup? How much heat makes it out to the surface of the cup?
  11. DevoTheStrange

    Rate the song above you! (All Genres)

    wow, really liked that one Stu... big fan of ben harper, and brazilian music 9/10 Heres one of my fav's as of late, Tame Impala
  12. DevoTheStrange

    Who wears sunglasses all the time?

    I wear sunglasses most of the time because I have a real strong light sensitivity. The only time I take them off is when I work, because then I need to see true colors since my work involves a lot of color theory. When I do take them off I got to be mindful of where I look or I will be...
  13. DevoTheStrange

    Would This Work? Add a Shot of Cold Air at End of Hit to Promote Cond

    you probably would want to have something pre cool your inhaled vapor instead of inhaling the vapor then something cold afterward. It could potentially put a lot of strain on your lungs constantly inhaling something hot then something cold. I'm not to sure the lungs will like the bouncing...
  14. DevoTheStrange

    Arizer Portable

    Already is a thread on the new arizer portabel.... check it out - Arizer Solo
  15. DevoTheStrange

    New Mexico Marijuana and Healing Expo 2011, July 29-31

    New Mexico Marijuana and Healing Expo Just found out about this on the news last night and thought I would share.... There is going to be a Medical Marijuana Expo here in Albuquerque, in 8 weeks, if anyone in the Southwest region of the country is interested. It is open to the public for...
  16. DevoTheStrange

    Good Videos to watch when you're Vaked!!

    Weed Card by Garfunkel and Oates
  17. DevoTheStrange

    Thoughts on the Vapir Mini Oxygen?

    my friend has a vapir, he swears by it... But I find that amusing because it tastes awful, which he cannot tell because he has no sense of taste. It is falling apart, he has trouble keeping it sealed and sometimes the top will open exposing the bowl. He also cannot turn the thing off once he...
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    I think the real scary part about all these tornadoes lately is the fact that it is just the beginning of the season for them. This is only the start.
  19. DevoTheStrange

    Vapor tats?

    I do believe fiarrhea is referring to a tattoo, not bats, Cool idea btw.. i can definitely see it working as a tattoo.
  20. DevoTheStrange

    The WISPR vaporizer

    Yeah I am interested i knowing this as well. I currently live over 5500 feet up, so the iolite has never really worked all that well for me. It's operating ceiling is one of the turn offs for me.
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