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  1. gordontreeman

    Dynavap VapCap

    Hi Dynavap fans, My M has been my travel vape when I have been flying. Because it involves air travel I always just buy or being a bic as it isn’t always easy to find a butane torch at the destination (probably I am just not looking hard enough). I have come to loath using a lighter when out...
  2. gordontreeman

    Stainless steel BCG - worth it?

    Yeah no worries, I think I get what you are saying. I wondered if the matte case would be stickier than the Al or polished when they announced the SS last fall. Is it still as easy to clean as the Al was? Its a small thing, but i really appreciate how clean the Al stays, and if it does get...
  3. gordontreeman

    Stainless steel BCG - worth it?

    Always wondered about that, thanks for sharing. Bit of a bummer because while I love the look of the polished, I imagine it is nigh impossible to keep it looking so pristine. @noobvaperct the bcg is the ultimate "buy once, cry once" purchase imo. I can't say enough good about it since getting...
  4. gordontreeman

    POTV Lobo

    I am not sure a $160 model that looks like its just an update of the various Fury options is for me, but if its a solid performing vape at that price point then good on PotV for getting it to market.
  5. gordontreeman

    Looking to find a solid grinder that lasts.

    +1 to BCG. I was really skeptical of the hype levels, but they are a fantastic product that blew past my expectations. I would think the SS is a buy-it-for-life purchase that you would never "need" to replace, though you might want to try other grinders for fun down the line =D
  6. gordontreeman

    BAKx - bake all kinds

    For full melt concentrates I love the bakx with the u bangers lamart sells. Hash I just toss in sandwiched with some flower, but I believe the extra fine screens are intended to work with that as well.
  7. gordontreeman

    Firewood Vaporizer

    Hi all, Maybe more of a general wood care question, but does anyone know if there is something about leather that doesn't go well with wood? I bought a leather case to use with my FW7 from @Duba a couple of months ago. I put my Firewood in it and ended up not using it for a while, but pulled...
  8. gordontreeman

    Modern log vape vs Arizer desktop with d dave mod

    I have a woodscents, but have never used an arizer. It’s great with the caveat that bowl size is limited, tho I see he has a custom now that is larger. To your question, the short stems can get a little hot if it’s the only thing cooling it. If I use a plain dyna stem I need to take smaller...
  9. gordontreeman

    Go to cheap alternatives for Tinymight 2/high end vape

    If it doesn’t need to be electronic I’d go for a dyna or danivape. Haven’t used the latter for full disclosure, but I understand it to be more effective and easier to one shot a bowl if that’s your style. I’m not personally so interested in torch vapes these days, but the dyna is still a...
  10. gordontreeman

    Tetra P80

    I wonder how that “we can’t share links to other vape communities” urban legend started. I was under that impression from seeing folks speak about e.g. Reddit or discord servers in a circumspect manner too 😅. is Lamart’s server!
  11. gordontreeman

    Ed's WoodScents Log Vape - Ed's TnT

    I also prefer glass with my woodscents. It’s very basic, but the bb9 is very effective cooking for the price. Ideally for the ws it would be carbless, though.
  12. gordontreeman

    Weed messing with anesthesia??

    I wonder if this is from smoking? I have heard similar about tobacco causing longer healing/recovery times with surgery. If its mild sedation for e.g. a colonoscopy I usually take a few days off. For general anesthesia a little more just because yeah, it can be dangerous. But I am not a...
  13. gordontreeman

    Tetra P80

    I left the resistance and pid variables stock. I just adjust the temp. I’m sure Ralph will get you sorted!
  14. gordontreeman

    Tetra P80

    I guess what I am wondering is whether you are giving it a heat soak or trying to use it on demand. If you try to use it on demand (just clicking and holding the button without warning it up) you need to set a much higher temp to get immediate vapor, or overshoot the resistance as you have done.
  15. gordontreeman

    Tetra P80

    You may want to try the warm to cruise function (three clicks, I use anywhere from 340F - 430F when I use w2c) at the default resistance. If you are using it on demand you will need a higher temp, but I don’t think it’s ideal to be that far above the stock resistance as someone else said. That...
  16. gordontreeman

    Could you be happy with just one vape (and which is it)?

    I’m not sure why you are so needlessly aggressive about this. Everyone is saying exactly that last bit, and no one is stopping you from enjoying your direct inhale butane vapes 🤷‍♂️. Various users just outlined the reasons why they err in the side of caution, which makes sense given we only get...
  17. gordontreeman

    The Toad from Morwood

    Is there a mailing list I’m not aware of re: the lottery? It’s cool to see what @Dan Morrison comes up with!
  18. gordontreeman

    The WOODEN Vaporizer Thread

    Yeah I’m always tempted by a launch box for nostalgia’s sake, but it’s a tough sell to me at full price. Maybe next 4/20, I have heard they do screaming good deals then.
  19. gordontreeman

    The Toad from Morwood

    Congrats and enjoy the new Toad, it looks magnificent! My toad is almost always found on the lovely leather deskmat/stem stand that you made me so that it is easy to use as my go-to device when I'm at my desk :)
  20. gordontreeman

    Could you be happy with just one vape (and which is it)?

    This is tough for me, but I think I am also with @passenger and would do my Toad. In terms of versatility, I think the TP80 or Bakx take the lead just by virtue of being regulated (easier to use or hand to someone else, more consistent, still capable of amazing low-temp terp hits or killing...
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