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  1. Pappy

    2x Arizer Air with Extra Battery & Free Shipping - $100 apiece

    2x Arizer Air for sale - $100 each, including free shipping. Each comes with an extra battery ($20 value) and power adapter. No stem. New unused glass stems are readily available on eBay and retailers for around $10.
  2. Pappy

    Black Solo with Brand New Glass - SOLD!

    :myday: This -- my first Solo -- is now my 3rd Solo backup. That’s why I’m selling it, I have 2 others! It’s Model M1A49 and is in excellent cosmetic and working order. It averages about 5 sessions per charge, slightly less than newer models. Comes with 2 brand new glass Arizer mouthpieces...
  3. Pappy

    I hope eCigs don't ruin it for vaporists

    That cheap Chinese eCigs can be made from deceptively dangerous materials won't be lost on FCers. Unfortunately, I won't be surprised if politicians use these findings to vilify medical grade vaporizers as well...
  4. Pappy

    The World has caught up with FC, finally!

    :myday: As if there's any doubt FC is a trailblazer, Oxford Dictionary just coined "vape" as the word of the year.
  5. Pappy

    EFS: Engraved Bent Neck Stemline - $260 - PRICE DROP

    Several people asked me to repost this and I'm do so at a new low price. Perfect companion for any vape, beautifully sandblasted. You'll never find a better bong to vape with! $260 OBO shipped in U.S. Buyer pays PayPal fees
  6. Pappy

    EFS: Engraved Stemline - $280

    I can honestly say you'll never find a better pipe to vape with. Wouldn't consider selling if I didn't have two other Sovereignty Stemlines. The piece is sandblasted beautifully and is a perfect companion for any vape. Thanks for the interest! Have lowered price to accommodate your requests...
  7. Pappy

    VXL CLOUD+ (Under Warranty) -SOLD!

    Parting with one of my two Cloud Pluses to make room for an EVO. This unit was upgraded in April 2013 under 1 year warranty. The unit is clean, mean, and in perfect working condition. ELB included. Thanks for the interest! Have lowered price to accommodate your requests... :) $200 Shipped in...
  8. Pappy

    Mad Rob Worked 13 Arm to Dome Bent Neck

    Greetings FC! Feast your eyes on this double chamber mini bent neck crafted by Mad Rob Pyrotechnic. Stands 11" with a beautifully worked tree section and matching 14mm horned slide. $450 includes U.S. shipping... Buyer pays PayPal fees. $ Only
  9. Pappy

    Affordable MKUltra Stemless Tube by Kevin Cantile

    Sup FC! Sweet MKUltra reverse showerhead by Kevin Cantile with sandblasted logo and slide. 12.5" high, 14mm stemless joint, ice pinch, a lot of tube for the $! :myday: $125 Shipped to lower 48 Buyer pays PayPal fees
  10. Pappy

    Da Buddha Vape with 3 New Whips

    Sup FC! 7th Floor Da Buddha vape in perfect woking condition, very little wear and tear. $110 shipped .... Buyer pays Paypal fees. Had this up in December but went out of town. It's a repost.
  11. Pappy

    Vigil Fillacello Mini Tube/Rig

    Sup FC! Worked bell bottom shaped mini tube/rig by Aaron Vigil featuring fillacello bottom, enclamo Alien horns, worked female joint, matching DI diffy and dome, black lip... 11 inches tall. Female to female 18mm adapter included so you can use with your favorite vape. $300 I got bombproof...
  12. Pappy

    Mobius Stereo Matrix Stemless 60t Tube

    Sup FC! Have pristine Mobius Stereo Matrix 60t Limited Edition tube for sale. 60mm is the sweet spot when it comes to Moby tubes IMO and this is perfect partner for your favorite vape. Not much else I can add about such a renowned tube so will allow pics to do talking. Thanks! Asking: $420 --...
  13. Pappy

    Da Buddha Vape with 3 New Whips

    7th Floor Da Buddha vape in perfect woking condition, very little wear and tear. $110 shipped OBO.... Buyer pays Paypal fees.
  14. Pappy

    Arizer Extreme Q v4 Package with Full Accessories

    Sup FC, Got Arizer Extreme Q v4 in excellent working condition, very little wear and tear. Includes 1 Remote Control 4 New Whips 2 New Bags w adapters 4 Elbows Bowls 8 Elbow Screens 1 Cyclone Bowl 4 Cyclone Screens 1 Power Supply $135 Shipped... Buyer pays PayPal fees.
  15. Pappy

    Read "PORT-AU-PRINCE" by Pappy!

    Dear FC-ers, The popularity of ebooks has made it feasible to publish my own screenplay for the first time... "PORT-AU-PRINCE" is a ghost story/political thriller with ties to the 2010 Haitian earthquake. But it isn't just nail biting entertainment. It was written to help the people of Haiti, a...
  16. Pappy

    Pappy's 4-20 Freeeeebie

    Sup FC! Introducing the Sephora Pokey Stick Brush, the best pokey stick brush your money can buy -- considering it's free! Drop on by you local Sephora and pick up a handful or three. :clap: HAPPY 4-20 FC! :bigleaf:
  17. Pappy

    FS: Worked SSFG Showerhead to Tree Tube with Matching Can and Slide

    Happy New Year FC! Have a worked SSFG 15" straight 50mm tube with three ice pinches and a Maria for your viewing pleasure... The first chamber is a worked 13 slit showerhead diffy with a beautiful matching slide and can. The second chamber is 4 arm tree x 2 slits each = 8 slits. Tube has a few...
  18. Pappy

    BHO extraction on goes BOOM!

    My friend Filla John was purging gas from his extract and here's the result. :uhoh:
  19. Pappy

    FS: Sovereignty Mini Bent Neck King Stemline with 9x up-grid

    SOLD! Thanks for looking FC! Sup FC... Sovereignty Mini Bent Neck King Stemline with a 9x up-grid in pristine condition. 13" tall with 75mm can, slide not included. Will let pics do talking... $320 includes USPS Priority bombproof Shipping... Buyer pays PayPal fees. Contact by email. Thanks...
  20. Pappy

    God is perfect, man is not...

    Man made beer, God made pot! :P
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