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  1. ictus

    The Nug Runner

    I didnt see anybody else ask this: Whats up with the little depression in the bottom plate? Wouldn't that be counter productive and be a low pressure zone that attracts oil?
  2. ictus

    Rosin Technique....Easy DIY Solventless

    yea I tried a strip of oak last night. It just started to crush at around 2.5 tons, and total devastation at 5-6 tons. ram has area of 3.14" sq in, so that means the oak couldn't really handle psi over 3000. Of course I have no clue how accurate the gauge on my press is. I was a bit curious...
  3. ictus

    Rosin Technique....Easy DIY Solventless

    My plates are 2.5" diameter rounds. my plywood bits were around 2.25" diameter and press ram is 2" diameter. great idea re: bolt inside. but then I guess all pressure is coming from the bolt, wonder if that could deform my plates or ram press more easily? I know your plates are way thicker than...
  4. ictus

    Rosin Technique....Easy DIY Solventless

    haha dake 10's comin out of the woodwork. I just got mine too. works great. at first I just used the same plywood discs I was using with my c-clamps. Magnets hold steel plates to wood disc, and magnets hold top wood disc to press ram. Sadly, my plywood insulator/holders were no match for the...
  5. ictus

    Rosin Technique....Easy DIY Solventless

    Ok, I wasn't sure how to interpret that rating. I thought it was more "this product fails if you attempt to use more pressure than this". I was thinking that a very strong person may be able to push it past the rating, but you seem to be indicating the threads themselves won't go past? On one...
  6. ictus

    Rosin Technique....Easy DIY Solventless

    I upgraded from Irwin clamp to a HART C-clamp and it is *way* more powerful. It says rated for up to 2400lbs. The handle on it bends to 90 degrees and has a nice grip texture so you can really bear down on it. And quick release! 15 bucks at HD. I'm not sure how much force I am generating...
  7. ictus

    Rosin Technique....Easy DIY Solventless

    Hey guys, I've been messin around with this using scraps I found around the garage. Top piece of my flower grinder pressed up against a random piece of flat cylinder. Heated up both on a stove top until ~280 and then used some magnets embedded in the Irwin clamps to secure them to the clamp once...
  8. ictus

    Hey, your rosin press looks great! Im especially interested in what kind of heating elements you...

    Hey, your rosin press looks great! Im especially interested in what kind of heating elements you have in there since they seem quite low profile and sleek. Tried digging through that thread but its massive. Thanks!
  9. ictus

    oil pen airholes, why in the bowl?

    I used an omicron a year ago or so but ended up not liking it due to the "black box" nature. I did initially get decent hits followed by slowly declining performance, and then bad taste. I know lots of people swear by them but they are not for me. With my VB atomizer I feel like I can steadily...
  10. ictus

    oil pen airholes, why in the bowl?

    I have been trying out many oil pen atomizers lately. Dab Tornado, VaporBrothers Dabbler, DivineTribe Donut etc. While there are thing I like about all these atomizers they all share a common weakness: They all have airholes directly in the atomizer bowl! Some have the holes raised up a bit...
  11. ictus

    Source Orb Pen Vape

    On the last page somebody asked about holes in the bottom of these atomizers but I did not see anybody reply. With such a large hole in the middle center of these, how is the reclaim spilling not a huge issue? Can anybody comment on this?
  12. ictus

    Cloud Pen by CPA

    I picked up one of these a few days ago after trying a buddies briefly and thinking it was ok. I am pretty disappointed but I probably should have read here before buying it. Here is what I think is the problem with it. When you very first fill up the little oil-pit the pen seems to hit very...
  13. ictus

    Discontinued VapeXhale Cloud

    Hey guys, My cloudplus died a couple months ago. I got a pretty said email from VXL saying that the company is going through hard times and nothing can be repaired for a while. Is that still the case? I see posts of people fixing their own cloud which suggests to me that it is....thanks...
  14. ictus

    Thinking of visiting Colorado

    What is going on Vapor Lounge, Been a while since I posted here. I was planning on a disneyworld vacation with my family the end of this month. Due to a condition my wife has, her doctor recommended we push the vacation till summer. Fine by me since I will be able to enjoy more water sports...
  15. ictus

    Discontinued Inhalater XP

    Had my Xp for around a week now. Overall works great but started noticing some bad mojo when it's turned off. I pasted the email I sent to PV below.. Anybody else have this? "Hi, I am noticing something weird with my inh xp. When the switch is completely in the off position, the unit keeps...
  16. ictus

    Has anyone polished out scratches?

    The other day I was cleaning my 16" Goldstein and had some hard water stains on the outiside, probably from letting tap water dry on it over time. They were more like very thin organic plaques that were barely visible, as opposed to the typical lime deposit. You could only see the edge of the...
  17. ictus

    PV Solo stealth stem

    I've been looking forever to get a solo stealth stem but they are always sold out. I'd pay 30 bucks shipped USPS express to anybody willing to part with theirs.
  18. ictus

    David Goldstein's Fritted Disc

    Has anybody ever used one of the smaller DI bubblers with the cloud? Was thinking of getting one, but I'd want to find a way to get the small-prefrit working. Guess I could just get a female-to-female adapter and the cloud would work, but does anybody know of a source for glass frits that...
  19. ictus

    Arizer Solo

    Thanks for the tips. Last few days I have taken to no-grinding for the most part. I just take a little nug, and lightly separate it apart without actually breaking pieces off of it. This seems really effective. When I feel like it's hitting a bit slow, I can knock the perfectly cylindrical...
  20. ictus

    Discontinued VapeXhale Cloud

    Oh come on you know what I mean. With the cloud you warm it up then hit whenever you like with no effort. You don't have to pause the movie to hit it. With the vapocane, each hit you need to drop everything and focus on not burning yourself. Re: ABV, that's just comparing one persons abv...
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