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  1. tylerj55

    Brand New Hardly Used Dab Bulb

    I bought one during the crowdfunding campaign and could really use the money right now instead of this awesome new enail. I am attaching a picture of the PayPal receipt as I do not want to open the box. I paid $450 plus $15 on shipping so I am just asking for that back. Brand new these go for...
  2. tylerj55

    Firefly 2 *Sold*

    SOLD!!! Sorry everyone. I have a like new Firefly 2 for sale/trade. I bought it on August 1st from a LHS and still have the receipt as well. I prefer my grasshopper and my mighty, however I am able to get decent clouds. All original accessories are included minus one concentrate pad which...
  3. tylerj55

    Cloud Electro uses teflon in their "nails"

    Hi everybody! This is my first submitted post so if this is in the wrong sub I apologize. I also apologize because this will be a very long winded post. I recently bought a Cloud Electro from because they included one of the larger nails for free, and I had a discount code. I...
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