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  1. bornfree13

    Completed [H] Ti Grasshopper [W] paypal

    High, I have a like new Ti Grasshopper with extra battery. Asking $150 paypal obo ConUS only Thanks for looking
  2. bornfree13

    For Sale MiniVap with U.S. adapter up for sale .

    I have a Euro MiniVap with U.S. adapter up for sale . Works great but the base is just too big for my limited Vaping area It has the teflon core for great flavor. It also has many cones, hoses, stems, screens and a padded case to fit it all There is a small chip in the mouthpiece holder...
  3. bornfree13

    Want to Buy High I'm in the US and I need an adapter for my MiniVap. *EDIT* Adapter that plugs into the battery spot

    High, I'm High! *EDIT* Adapter that plugs into the battery spot. Not the wall wart spot. I'm also in the US and I need an adapter for my MiniVap. If you or anyone you know has things for the MiniVap. I'm interested. Please get in touch Thank you very much, Dennis
  4. bornfree13

    Completed BNIB Volcano Hybrid want Paypal

    High, I have a BNIB Volcano Hybrid reduced to $600 Paypal Thanks for looking
  5. bornfree13

    For Sale BNIB Xvape mini 2 asking $90 paypal

    High, I have a BNIB Xvape mini 2 asking $90 paypal Thanks for looking
  6. bornfree13

    Completed POTV ONE and WPA

    POTV ONE and WPA asking 90 Paypal Thanks for looking
  7. bornfree13

    Completed a step cut FW5

    High, I'm looking for a step cut FW5 to complete my collection. I had the traditional cut but traded it away because I didn't like the look or feel. I have the 4,6, and 7. I need the 5 to add to the collection PM me pics and price Thank you very much
  8. bornfree13

    Completed [H] Almost new Solo 2 with extras [W] paypal, reduced

    Here's some pics: It comes with everything new except I used the smoke colored cooling stem and Solo 2 less than a dozen times. My Old Man Lungs can't handle it. It Hits like a freight train. I was asking 180 for everything. That includes the complete set plus two cooling stems and a foam...
  9. bornfree13

    Want to Buy ELB screens and more

    ELB screens and an assortment of pipe screens, please, Thank You
  10. bornfree13

    Completed [H] Mighty+ [W] paypal

    Like New in Box. Mighty. New WPA, New Glass stem, 4 dosing caps, Grinder, Cap filling tool asking $260 ConUS Thanks for looking
  11. bornfree13

    Completed [H] Volcano Hybrid [W] Paypal

    I have a BNIB Volcano Hybrid asking $600 Paypal
  12. bornfree13

    Completed gently used VapBong

    High, I just got a new VapBong so my gently used VapBong needs to go to make room for new one. Nothing wrong. It works great. I just don't have the room for it I'm asking $333.33 that includes great packaging S&H&Ins. and it will arrive in 3-4 days not Months if you would wait for...
  13. bornfree13

    For Sale Argo with everything

    High, I have an argo with everything and an 18mm WPA Reduced. I was Asking $140 paypal. Now $130 paypal includes S&H&Ins Thanks for looking
  14. bornfree13

    Completed Focus V Carta

    Focus V Carta with: new recirculated glass, original glass, titanium Atty, Quartz Atty, Repair kit, Case New Glass is freshly cleaned that's why the glass is foggy. Asking 110+15 S&H&Ins. paypal or trade for Fury Edge
  15. bornfree13

    Completed Firewood 4

    I have an FW 4 for sale $130 Paypal Thanks for looking
  16. bornfree13

    For Sale 2019 RosiuM + Wenge Dynastash looking for paypal

    I have a barely used and only with IH 2019 RosiuM + Wenge Dynastash looking for $125 paypal Thank you for looking
  17. bornfree13

    Completed Alpine induction Heater +

    High, I have a brand new Alpine induction Heater with a Screaming Skull engraving and I will include a brand new 14mm WPA Vap As you can see by the pics the vap sits about 3/4 on the magnet and it holds it just fine. Also you can see the hole for the heater sits in the middle it's not off to...
  18. bornfree13

    What E-rig is this?

    I saw this e-rig for sale it has the temperature dial on the face of the unit as you look through the mouthpiece. Anyone have any idea Who makes this and what's it's name?
  19. bornfree13

    For Sale Lotus set up

    I have a Lotus set up with a New J hook, 14mm WPA, and Large Lotus saucer cap lotus cap has a small burn from a friend who just had to check the length of the flame. No smell, No effect to your vaping sessions $125 paypal S&H& Ins included
  20. bornfree13

    AOV VapBong SOLD

    High I have a Brand New Art of Vapor VapBong. In a Night Sky Blue color. Retails for $360 American + German Air Freight. Asking $315 Paypal includes S&H&Ins. Mountain or Pacific asking $10 more to help with S&H&Ins. I love these Things. I have one in my Man...
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