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    The Magic-Flight Box

    Where is the link to buy the wall adapter? Havn't been around for awhiiilllee...
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    Mj and depression

    I think MJ may be helpful to some degree in certain cases of depression but, in my experience there are healthier, safer ways of helping depression and self confidence. Giving up processed foods, junk foods, soda, and sugar and flours has made me feel a lot better and i've noticed significant...
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    Vaping while Cleansing (Dr. Alejandro Junger's book Clean)

    How did it go mudstar? I'm doing something similar right now and have been on a much cleaner diet for a couple months.
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    Can I point something out ? The Bread Standard

    I could care less about how much standard american foods costs (white flour, sugar, milk, eggs, meat, etc.) Now what i could use and what I believe most people need , is better priced and more abundant organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.
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    Hemp Seeds, Roasted and Salted, available at Sprouts (aka Henry's)

    I've been buying shelled hemp seeds lately. Healthier than roasted. They're delicious, nutritious, but rather expensive if you eat them too much :lol:
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    The Munchies Thread

    Banana and Almond butter :P
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    The Munchies Thread

    YA! haha I just use whatever is on hand but the basic equation is fruits+fats+liquid+superfoods(ie. maca, raw cacao, spirulina, acai powder, lucuma, camu camu, i could go on for dayss) Maca is amazing, i just started using it a week or so ago. If you like Maca you should try Raw Cacao Nibs, or...
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    The Munchies Thread

    Yes i have a smoothie almost everyday too! Mine go something like this Banana/Apple/Berries/Mango/Whatever fruit is on hand Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Hempseeds/Cashews Coconut Milk/Hemp Milk/Tea/or just water Raw Cacao Powder Raw Maca Powder Pinch of Sea Salt Sometimes Agave syrup or Raw honey...
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    The Munchies Thread

    fruit smoothies spiked with alcohol of choice :D
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    We Lost A Great One

    RIP I've been listing to Gregory for a while now. :peace:
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    The Munchies Thread

    Trail mix, Fresh fruit and veggies is my choice everytime :ko:
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    The Munchies Thread

    Raw Cacao is what you want. It's the "building block" for all things chocolate, in it's purest form. Cacao is known as one the most chemically complex foods and even has some type of cannabinoid in it. Whole foods or health food stores should usually have one of the following products - Raw...
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    Question about Blue lotus, Australian customs and gamma irradiation

    My intuition tells me that would NOT be safe. Read more about gamma rays is what i would do. But you have to pay an additional 40.00 ? I would not do that... Probably better off ordering from somewhere else.
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    Rate the song above you! (All Genres)

    Awesome video with this one. I liked the tune as well, much different from what i choose to listen to. 8/10 One of the greatest, the Cool Ruler..
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    Filtered 'bowl' vapes

    That's good. What's wrong with spores though? No love for the mushrooms?
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    Is a shower cap a shower cap?

    Shampoo 1 to 2 times a week. Wash with just water almost every night. My hair is awesome. It's all relative, if your work in mud everyday or work in a mine shaft then maybe shampooing daily is smart. :/
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    Tomorrow on Doctor Oz, medical marijuana episode is this the same episode, pretty sure it is. I'm about to watch the rest of it.
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    Tomorrow on Doctor Oz, medical marijuana episode

    Thanks! I'll try to catch it. Although it may be painful to watch, i'm hoping they have good things to say.
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    Forum background

    I think the background is some adaptation of the Fleur-de-lis, which is a pretty common symbol. The Background looks like it always moving to me :D
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