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  1. coolbreeze

    Cloud Connoisseur Glass

    I vote Vertex. One of my favorite pipes. Open and a nice chug and great flavor. Cools very well.
  2. coolbreeze

    The Lotus Vaporizer

    Nice! B0? Just tried and the ZXL works too!
  3. coolbreeze

    Shakedown Street

  4. coolbreeze

    **Ball vape comparison megathread** Compare your balls.

    Yes, or a double PID. If you would never use the injector nozzles and don't care if it's wired, the Zeal's great, maybe preferable, but the Omega's a fantastic deal/package/ecosystem. The Anvil is great, really fantastic. The Screwball is also well worth the money and built to add conduction...
  5. coolbreeze

    The Picture Thread

  6. coolbreeze

    Phase3 Vaporizers

    Hoping for the 25mm wireless but intrigued with the RoacZ as well. :tup::rockon:
  7. coolbreeze

    **Ball vape comparison megathread** Compare your balls.

    I couldn't resist, I'm trying a 14. Should be here soon. : ) But now that I'm thinking about it, @dudeguy, check out the CC Zeal or Omega with the Vulcan bowl (the bowl is coiled too for conduction; you can use either a 22mm diffuser or 14mm injector for the vape). I had that hooked up last...
  8. coolbreeze

    **Ball vape comparison megathread** Compare your balls.

    I don't know much about it but it looks like it would be awesome, especially for hash. Doesn't look as flexible as most ball vapes but if it works like you think it should, it would be a real powerhouse with full effects. @RogueGuy is testing coils on some of his quartz vapes to add...
  9. coolbreeze

    Dynavap VapCap

    M7 rocks!
  10. coolbreeze

    Thermal Accumulator by phattpiggie

    If you go with a Dynavap stem, you'd be best off with a thick glass one with dimples, like one from Good Vibes Boro, or maybe a Vaphit cooling stem even. Otherwise, steel-lined wood, like a Simrell or Dovetail Woodworks stems are best. A thicker, unlined wooden one should work too. Probably...
  11. coolbreeze

    **Ball vape comparison megathread** Compare your balls.

    @VGOODIEZ has complete kits from 5-30% off, along with parts for piecing together, all on sale. For example, 30% off: 20% off...
  12. coolbreeze

    Chaos by Phattpiggie

    Chaos nightcap, cheers!
  13. coolbreeze

    Interesting News, Articles & Stuff

    My dad was a teenager loaded onto a boat and sent to Europe to fight fascists and nazis. When they came home they were called the greatest generation. By conservatives. No sooner were the last of them laid to rest...
  14. coolbreeze

    The Lotus Vaporizer

    Gorgeous! Now you just need a Walnut Vapman and one of these to complete the set:
  15. coolbreeze

    Heady Glass Appreciation

    dang that rbh is so tempting...
  16. coolbreeze

    Dynavap VapCap

    They compliment each other well. ; ) I wouldn't call it exceptional but the thing is so even and forgiving that I've never had it get over-roasty, really, which I think is significant given how aggressively you can heat it.
  17. coolbreeze


    Same! And no, it'll work with hash. I've only done it once so far but everything seemed fine within the 6-8 range. I think I bumped it to 9 at the end but it was done already. I think if I were buying it to use mainly with hash, I would look at that 4-5 for flower and 6-8 for hash and prefer...
  18. coolbreeze

    Dynavap VapCap

    Basically the Helix has amazing airflow and the M7 has really great heat retention. The Helix is great for going through water or for DTL hits, great flavor, great roast, very even and fairly forgiving. (EDIT: the airflow is definitely enhanced by the perforated cap.) The M7 holds a reserve of...
  19. coolbreeze

    The Lotus Vaporizer

    It's Lotus Friday, cheers!
  20. coolbreeze


    Also the glass WPA. It works well with the V2 if you're going through water. Otherwise, looks good I think. The Vapman lighter is a great little torch, if you need one for any reason. I'd check on the egg, though, because my last vapman came in the bag (which is kind of nice too).
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