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  1. TNT_error

    Vapcaps stems

    Hey FC, I have 2 ti stems for sale as I'm trying to slim down the collection. First is a mrb bluish/gray stem. The stem is off by a millimeter or 2 so can't fit an Omni XL condenser, but works with a ti XL condenser. $45 shipped Second is an oem heat treated Omni XL midsection. No problem...
  2. TNT_error

    Glass symphony xlr

    Looking to see if anyone has one available. Don't need a controller. Thanks
  3. TNT_error


    Looking for a g43 if someone has one they'd sell. Have PayPal and/or a few American glass pieces for trade. Thanks
  4. TNT_error

    Nimbus glass

    Yeah going to stay away from this. Bought something from Purr, hope that'll fit the bill
  5. TNT_error

    Nimbus glass

    Thank you for the reply and I'll keep an eye out to see what dhgate has. I do agree that it does look like China glass. The different colors threw me off
  6. TNT_error

    Nimbus glass

    Was curious if anyone owned any nimbus glass and how do you like it? My GAS wants the Fab lol Thanks
  7. TNT_error

    Dynavap VapCap

    Have a question about my Omni xl and the tips. I use my VCs exclusively with my PSM, and for the past week or so I've been getting ok performance with my new ti tip/cap. I've been averaging about 5-6 cycles before it's spent, but lately I'm getting around 2-3 cycles before it tastes really bad...
  8. TNT_error

    mrb's bits n bobs

    Have a question about the compatibility. I just received my mrb stem, and after installing the body, the XL condenser sticks up and isn't flushed or lower with the stem. Is this normal? I tried the xl condenser with my 19M body, and the condenser sits flushed with the m body.
  9. TNT_error

    Induction Heater Options

    There's a few builders on Reddit. I mainly use s PSM, but have a sky flyer shadow (portable, 3 18650, latching switch). It's encase in a wooden box that opens and locks. Good price too (110-120)
  10. TNT_error

    Omnivap condenser or omnivap

    As the title states. Looking for an Omni condenser or an omnivap. Thanks
  11. TNT_error

    Ed's tnt ebony blackwood vong

    Hey FC have a ebony blackwood vong from Ed for sale. I got it last week and was used about 3 times. Comes with a regular condenser as well. $45 shipped CONUS only
  12. TNT_error

    Could you still post an imgur link?

    Could you still post an imgur link?
  13. TNT_error

    Oh I see. Is that for most photo sites? I have Photobucket as well. I wanted to post an IH I...

    Oh I see. Is that for most photo sites? I have Photobucket as well. I wanted to post an IH I found on Reddit
  14. TNT_error

    Hey Stu was wondering if you can embed photos from imgur so they can show? Thanks

    Hey Stu was wondering if you can embed photos from imgur so they can show? Thanks
  15. TNT_error

    Mvt2, SDS vapcap, shadow M

    Hey FC I have for sale is a lightly used mvt2. Comes with stir tool, stem collar, 14mm Wong, and the camera case. $140 obo Also have 2 VCs up for sale. One is a barely used shadow M SOLD The other is a SDS ti stem with SS tip. The stem is a bluish teal color and is carbless and no condenser...
  16. TNT_error

    DV shadow M

    Looking for the shadow m if anyone has one lying around. PP ready Thanks
  17. TNT_error

    Lucid Customs - induction heaters

    Is there any difference between pushing down to heat (pipes) and just placing it in like the lucids? Does it heat slower or faster?
  18. TNT_error

    RBT Sprout

    A ringed led button would be more familiar (FM, other Chinese vapes). I've always liked the simple controls of FM vapes (5 clicks on/off, hold for a second to change temps). That plus rbt tech is a winner.
  19. TNT_error

    Flowermate Swift Pro

    @TiSteamo the tera v3 is the better choice out of the vapes vapes mentioned. It's convection and powered by 2 18650 with haptic feedback. It's worth it and comes with a glass mp and wpa. The arizer air has a removable battery. I'd go that route over the Xmas.
  20. TNT_error

    Arizer solo I/II with gong/wong

    As the title states. Looking for either a solo 1 or 2 with a wpa and some other other accessories as well. I have PP and a mvt2 for trades. Thanks for looking.
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